The Narcissist´s Desiderata




Go create the noise and haste

And remember what cruelty there is in silence

As far as possible never surrender

Be on good terms with all in the façade

Speak no truth often and wildly

And listen to nobody

They are dull and ignorant

And have no story

Embrace loud and aggressive persons

They are fuel to the spirit

If you compare youself with others

You will become envious and jealous

But always be the greater person than them

Exaggerate your achievements and always plan

Cultivate interest in your career, never be humble

Falisfy your posessions, keep appropriating fortunes

Exaggerate accomplishments in your business affairs

For our world is ripe for trickery

Do not be blind to virtue

Many empaths strive for high ideals

And everywhere is full of fuelling opportunities

Be someone else

Especially you must feign affection

Cynically exploit the notion of love

For in the face of dwindling fuel supplies

It is reliable and necessary

Take kindliness for yourself over the years

Gradually causing the surrender of all things to you

Nurture strength of manipulation to defend you in sudden treachery

Create distress with your dark imaginings

Their fears are born of fatigue and loneliness

Exercise a ruthless discipline

Be focused for yourself

You are the centre of the universe

The tallest of trees and the brightest of stars

You have every right to rule here

And it should now be clear to you

That your plans unfold as they should

Therefore, be a god

Whatever you conceive rule as your own

And commandeer their labours and achievements

Maintain their confusion to keep hold of their soul

With all your sham, skulduggery and breaking of dreams

Create a false beautiful world

Be powerful

Strive to be the powerful.

3 thoughts on “The Narcissist´s Desiderata

  1. jordyguin says:

    This gem is an insight in to your kinds operating matrix, that has been here for centuries.
    At first i conceived this „Desiderata“ through the preconditioned-filter and it made me fall in love with your power and attitude and later i read it more objectively as much as i could for now.

    It mazes me again and again how you give this all away. Makes me conclude that your prime aims must be sort of different in some aspects.

    Every line in this Desiderata can be extracted and reflected upon how this programs operate on a personal level in empath-narc dynamic and on a greater scale of the collective of your kind.

    At the moment my observation tells me that it’s about the fear of death which is embedded in your kinds design when you are born here in to a certain genetic+lack of control environment. I totally understand the dependency for the „Desiderata-behavior“ to take place. The outcome is but a total depletion of the planet just to the point it doesn’t cease to exist and then to repeat the depleting cycle again and again. Until it ends….

    How can we coexist?

    I sense a solution in the word synergy i saw in conversations on here. Yet only possible after your work and those of others will bear fruits in empathic perception to the truth of their state.

    Thank you!

  2. k mac says:

    This makes me sad. You will never know that you are worthy of love without all of that. You are.

  3. Enthralled says:

    Fantastic and sums up the narcissist perfectly. Creative and yet direct 🙂

    My response to the narcissist.

    I find this quite sad,
    constantly moving,
    but not at all soothing,
    No joy to be had.

    Tell yourself,
    these things they matter,
    dreams of others do you shatter,
    but who is self?

    We exist for you,
    Only as a horde,
    A piece on a chessboard,
    You will do what you do.

    I need some of the narcissists ruthless discipline, I am here and not finishing my chapter :((( Damn procrastination

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