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You asked and he has answered. The narcissist provides the direct and no-nonsense explanations and answers to the questions which matter most to you. The narcissist manages to keep a hook in you by leaving you with unanswered questions. These questions prevent you from gaining understanding, make you susceptible to the pull of the narcissist in the future and cause you untold anguish and anxiety. Not any more. A range of incisive questions covering the narcissistic spectrum of behaviours have been posed by those who have been on the receiving end of narcissistic behaviour. Real questions posed by those who know exactly what it is like to be held in the grasp of the narcissist. Real answers provided by the narcissist himself which will provide understanding, enlightenment and freedom.

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4 thoughts on “Ask

  1. Mimi says:

    Hello HG Tudor, Does it make sense that a narcissist would accuse you of the very same behavior that he himself exhibits? Manipulating other people and using them for their own purposes. That he or she is concerned that you will become a victim of manipulation by friends, family or work colleagues. That he or she warns you to be careful who you let into your life?
    Thank you for your comment.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      It is called projection.

  2. Kb says:

    Hello, I am very intrigued to come across you. I would love to connect with you in some form. Please take consideration in responding with an email. Thanks for your time and attention to this extension.

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