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My readers asked for this fund to be established, many have benefitted from it, many continue to seek its help and many are waiting, desperate for support.

To assist please use this link. Thank you in advance from those you are assisting.

16 thoughts on “Knowing the Narcissist : Angel Assistance Fund

  1. Asp Amp says:

    Happy Birthday to you, HG xxx

    Thank you for all your contribution to humanity.

  2. FYC says:

    Hello HG, I tried to find out what the match was, but assume you are very busy. I decided to go ahead and donate the full match. I am hoping others joined me in support of AAF, but if not, this is the best way I can support the angels.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you for doing so, FYC: I have been away, hence my lack of response.

  3. FYC says:

    Asp Emp, No thanks needed except to HG. As you know, the amount of time he puts into his legacy that benefits us all it is absolutely remarkable. I’m very happy for you that you got your start here and support the fund. Perhaps one day there will be an AAF “Angels in Waiting” tab as well.

    1. Asp Emp says:

      Thank you, FYC.

  4. FYC says:

    There are so many people in desperate need of HG’s unique, accurate insights and assistance. I hope you will all join me in supporting the AAF

    Thank you for continuing this much needed fund HG. Donation posted.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you FYC. There are many people wanting help, but support is in short supply.

      1. FYC says:

        HG, I am sorry to hear there is a low support. I know these are challenging times for all. In an effort to assist, I will offer a match for any smaller donations up to a total match of $200.

        Empaths, I hope you will all join in with whatever you feel is right for you to give to this worthy fund. It is during challenging times that abuse and trauma increase. There is no better place to gain accurate, immediate assistance than KTN and HG counsel.

        Please join me in supporting the Angels. Thank you.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Most generous of you FYC.

          1. FYC says:

            HG, It’s all I can do at the moment, but I want to encourage others who may not be familiar with the AAF to help other empaths that need to find their way to reason when it is so very difficult to come by through any other source. As much as I have read in studies and psychological journals since finding KTN, I can tell you that your information is only supported by the the greater body of (quality) literature. Unfortunately, there are so many sources that are outdated, misguided, or flatly dangerous (when a N poses as an E on a blog). Thank you for continuing the AAF even in difficult times and at your own expense.

        2. KitKat says:

          This is wonderful FYC! Not only are you helping those in need, but you are fostering camaraderie here on the blog.
          Love it!

          1. FYC says:

            KitKat, Very kind of you. I am glad you feel this, yet my aim was simply to foster support for AAF. I believe the camaraderie we all experience with others is organic and authentic. We are all in this together.

          2. KitKat says:

            FYC, absolutely, it’s just always nice to pull together for a cause.

        3. Asp Emp says:

          FYC, that is really kind of you. It is people like you that enabled me to get a start on my journey here and I really appreciated that, thank you so much. Of course, my appreciation goes to HG too.

      2. FYC says:

        Hello HG, How are the donations coming along? Have we have reached the match limit?

  5. Asp Emp says:

    This fund assisted me in my moment of need. Making small donations here and there, I do what I can from a funding view. HG uses what funds that may be available to offer this. Yet more victims need financial assistance and we do not know how much is needed to ensure this support is made available as HG may have 30 plus Angels in Waiting.

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