Knowing the Psychopath : An Uncaring Perfect Predator



I adopt a brilliant disguise. I appear just like you. I pass myself off as being like you. You look on me and see the smile, the well-dressed man who tells the jokes which make you laugh time and time again. I fix my gaze on you, my laser-like, hyper focussed gaze which makes you feel special and wanted. The subjects I speak of, the places I revisit, the images I create with my mastery of words, all of this makes you feel like I am like you.

Yet for all that I show you, you have no idea that beneath this brilliant disguise slowly beats the ice cold heart of a ruthless, uncaring perfect predator.

I understand that there are five basic emotions – anger, happiness, disgust, fear and sadness.

I do not experience anger. I experience fury, yet I am able to maintain an ultra level of control over it so that even though it may churn beneath the surface, there is no alteration in my calm and poised exterior. I present the epitome of glacial calm.

I do not experience happiness. There is simply a void which must be filled with the edifying power of fuel and the extinguishing of ennui.

I experience disgust, yet often I ensure that you never recognise that this is what is flowing through my veins as I listen to the detail of your dull, dull existence. Your day to day activities of such little consequence that I am disgusted by your lack of consequence. Yet, unless I choose to unleash that disgust, I maintain a mask of pleasantry as you flap your gums filling my ears with your tedium. Instead, I must amuse my mind with a dozen ways I would turn your monotonous dullness into scream of terror. I am sustained by the images that flicker through my mind as I calculate your fate by my skilled hands.

I am without fear. It is a stranger in these lands.

I know not sadness. It is for the weak. Such is its absence that I will not even seek to portray its presence unless in extremis and only then because I deem that it is the means to achieve that end.

You look on me and think I am like you. Yet we are of such different world. Within me awaits the precision-driven psychopath that I keep entertained with the playing of games, the accumulation of appliances, the creation of empires, the destruction of dynasties, urgent sex and certain other distractions. This amusement is important, for if I was not so amused, the outcome would be so different for those who would encounter me. The bodies would accumulate.

Stripped of what you feel, I look on the world and often feel nothing. There are times where I feel something – the rage, the hatred, the disgust, the antipathy and the power, but there are sustained periods of time where all there is, is the emptiness. Unlike the pure narcissist who must fight against this emptiness, I am able to embrace it. I am able to allow that emptiness to bleed into the world around me. I see there are times when those proximate to me experience the presence of that emptiness also. I see the shift in their countenance. The nervous flicker of their glance towards me, a sudden shift as if the temperature in the room has dropped by many degrees, a shudder which washes over them. I see then that they have felt what I am although they invariably have no idea what it signifies. Instead, they clamour for the familiarity which I am able to impose through the appearance of similarity.

There are those that think that emotion is irrelevant for my kind. That is true of my psychopathy, its relevance is applicable to my narcissism and its provision of fuel. Strip that from me and emotion would be entirely meaningless to me. I watch the world. Evaluating, assessing, calculating and selecting those who will fall prey to me. All must be controlled, but there are those who I select to entertain me. Those who must be the subjects of my game playing, those who must be drawn into my world, pull downwards into the dark depths of my ocean of malice. I am unmatched in my ability to detect those victims. I see YOU. Those who will provide me with greatest level of gratification stand out to me in the manner of their gait, their stance, the language they use and as my cold, cold gaze falls upon them, I know that it is play time.

With that my nostrils flare, I scent my prey and galvanise myself into action ready to make my way towards you and bring you into my world. Effective, calculating and hyper-focussed, all else about the world falls away as I zero in on you. My mind selects the approach, the words I shall use, I have learned the tones to apply, I have fashioned the signals to send you so that I become of your world so that I can take you into my world and play with you.

I care not for you. You are to become mine and I shall possess you, ready to distract and chase away the ever present boredom. I feel that first flicker of anticipation as the game begins as you turn and already my crystal blue stare and welcoming smile have caused you to notice me and await my attendance on you. Already you are caught in my tractor beam and savour the lifting of the ennui as I prepare to feast on you.

5 thoughts on “Knowing the Psychopath : An Uncaring Perfect Predator

  1. Anna says:

    Psychopaths are like chameleons. They blend into their surroundings.
    Not all mean harm though. It is a stereotype to think that.

    The things that make us human “Compassion, empathy, kindness” They do not come lightly. Most people learn these things. Psychopaths mimic them.

    In a way Psychopathy is a disability. They are emotionally retarded. A sociopath may have had these feelings but can learn to repress and control them. A psychopath is devoid of these. They say you don’t miss what you have never had. So in a way the sociopath suffers more.

  2. Jenna says:

    Have you seen the reality show Vanderpump Rules? More importantly, are you aware of the “Scandoval” affair? I feel like it’s blown up nationally at this point. I think it’s brought a huge awareness to narcissism on all levels as it’s being perfectly depicted in multiple cast members. It’s gained so much traction because audience and other cast members have called out their specific pathological behaviors and labeled them narcissists. Watching Tom Sandoval, a clear narcissist in my opinion (I learned from the best 😉), unravel while his life and fuel go up in flames is truly a sight to see. I’d love your input on the situation, if you have any!

    1. HG Tudor says:

      No, I have not seen that show Jenna.

  3. Shalalagirl says:

    HG, Have you seen the series “The Fall”? If so, what do you think about it overall, and what do you think about the main character Paul Spector played by Jamie Dornan?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Yes, but I have not watched all of it.
      I thought it was moderately interesting.

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