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Power, at its core, represents the ability to exert control and influence over others. It manifests itself in various forms, such as authority, wealth, social status intelligence, contacts and networks, knowledge, or physical strength and other besides. Power is central to me because I have the ability to wield it, in a variety of forms. I have relished power for as long as I recall. I remember its usefulness from when I was a child (and have shared some instances of how I used it and came to recognise it when I was younger – some of which came from witnessing my mother, Matrinarc in action. Not only do I utilize power and harness it, I am able to recognise its simple effectiveness.  From a logical standpoint, power serves as a valuable tool to accomplish goals and objectives efficiently. It is not inherently good or evil, but rather a neutral force that can be harnessed for both positive and negative outcomes.

Power plays a vital role in shaping one’s life and capabilities. The possession of power empowers individuals to exercise control over their own decisions, actions, and circumstances. It allows individuals to pursue their aspirations, satisfy their needs, and fulfill their potential.

From my perspective, power possesses inherent advantages that align with rational decision-making. It empowers individuals or entities to shape their environment, overcome obstacles, and achieve desired outcomes expediently. The acquisition of power often involves the accumulation of resources, authority, or expertise, granting individuals the ability to exert control over their circumstances and influence the behavior of others. Power empowers individuals or entities to have agency and assert their intentions effectively. By wielding power, individuals can drive change and actualize their desired outcomes within their own lives or in larger social or organizational contexts.

Power facilitates swift decision-making and efficient implementation. With the ability to influence and control, powerful individuals can navigate complex situations, assess available options, and make informed choices quickly. This efficiency minimizes delays and optimizes the utilization of resources, leading to favorable outcomes.

Power enables effective resource allocation. By having control over resources, powerful entities can strategically distribute them to maximize efficiency and productivity. This ensures that resources are utilized where they are most needed, minimizing waste and enhancing overall effectiveness.

Power equips individuals with the means to overcome obstacles effectively. Whether it is through financial resources, intellectual capabilities, or authoritative influence, powerful entities possess the ability to surmount challenges efficiently. This enables the removal of barriers and the achievement of goals with greater ease. Power provides individuals with the resources and influence necessary to adapt to changing circumstances and overcome challenges effectively. This adaptability strengthens individuals’ resilience and enables them to thrive in complex environments or uncertain situations.


Power enables effective influence and persuasion. With the ability to control and shape the behavior of others, powerful individuals can sway opinions, negotiate favorable outcomes, and mobilize resources. This persuasive capacity enhances the effectiveness of communication and facilitates the alignment of actions towards desired objectives. It allows the creation of worlds.

Power serves as a potent tool that enables efficient decision-making, resource allocation, obstacle overcoming, and influence. Its effectiveness lies in the ability to swiftly execute decisions, allocate resources strategically, overcome challenges, and influence others to align their actions with desired outcomes.

Power often grants individuals the authority to establish and enforce norms, regulations, and policies. It enables individuals to maintain order, hold others accountable, and ensure adherence to a desired set of rules or principles.

Power allows for efficient delegation of tasks and responsibilities. Powerful individuals can assign tasks to competent individuals, leveraging their skills and expertise, resulting in optimal outcomes. Moreover, the authority associated with power enables swift decision-making and effective execution of plans, reducing delays and bottlenecks.

Power provides individuals with the ability to adapt and respond quickly to changing circumstances. In dynamic environments, powerful entities can leverage their influence to navigate through uncertainties, make timely adjustments, and seize emerging opportunities. This adaptability enhances their overall effectiveness and competitiveness.

Power grants individuals or organizations a competitive edge. By acquiring resources, knowledge, or authority, powerful entities can outperform competitors, gain market dominance, and secure long-term success. This competitive advantage allows for the consolidation and expansion of power, further enhancing effectiveness.

Powerful individuals can shape decision-making processes to align with their objectives. With the ability to influence the opinions and choices of others, they can steer discussions, negotiations, and policies towards desired outcomes. This influence over decision-making enhances their effectiveness in achieving their goals.

Powerful entities are often better equipped to address complex problems efficiently. The resources, expertise, and authority associated with power enable them to access specialized knowledge, implement innovative solutions, and mobilize necessary support. This efficiency in problem-solving contributes to their overall effectiveness.


Power is not suited to many people. Many do not know how to wield it properly, many are ill-equipped for its use, frittering it away on meaningless excursions. There are plenty who crave some form of power but when granted it actually shrink from its application, fearful of it. Power is only meant for the few, those who truly understand its worth, recognise how it should be applied to those who are powerless and have the capability and capacity to utilize power. Power must be held by those who adhere to the application of evidence-based logic, unswayed by misleading and capricious emotions. Instead power belongs to those who reside in the making of rational assessments, who see beyond the short term, who recognise that with great power comes, not great responsibility, but rather great opportunity.


Few are truly designed for the wielding power in its purest, most effective form. I am of the few.


52 thoughts on “Psychopath : Power

  1. Trev says:

    If someone really made you angry on purpose you would use your power to get revenge. Which is the name of an article on here maybe….
    Not those like James Corden who make you angry by accident of course.
    Once secured, power in the workplace would be used to further the company’s goals which would be what you are saying here. A logical use of such.
    But power is usually used by yourself and similar people to obtain fuel which is not logical but more of an emotional need.

  2. Rebecca says:

    One of my college professors said a quote that still rings true in times like these….” Absolute power corrupts absolutely ” Those in power are corrupt and their power continues to corrupt the next person, the next development, the next thing….on and on…

  3. NarcAngel says:

    Positions of power will always be underrepresented by empaths and normals as they are less willing to subject themselves (and more importantly their loved ones) to the intense scrutiny and ongoing manipulations known to exist in those arenas, and where they do manage to secure a position, there will likely be physical and psychological effects of that environment that will cause burnout quickly due to repeated resistance to their agendas. Narcissists, Sociopaths, and Psychopaths are not affected by these things. Their only concern in this regard (and not always) is maintaining the facade required to maintain (and gain) position.
    Jacinda Ardern and Jimmy Carter come immediately to mind.

    1. NarcAngel says:

      To clarify- Ardern and Carter come to mind in regard to non-narcissists with shorter and/or perceived less successful positions in power due to the factors mentioned.

  4. Sweetest Perfection says:

    “Power, at its core, represents the ability to exert control and influence over others. It manifests itself in various forms, such as authority, wealth, social status intelligence, contacts and networks, knowledge, or physical strength and other besides.” Indeed. Knowledge is power, but power also controls knowledge (Foucault), not just who has access to knowledge (information, education), but also what knowledge or epistemic system is imposed as the superior one or the only valid knowledge over other voices, learning systems, traditions, and cultures. In my opinion, the paradox of “pure objectivity” is a that it cannot be achieved without taking into consideration all subjectivities. Objectivity does not exist. What exists is the imposition of one view that is presented as the objective, neutral one. And that only happens from a position of power.
    Fascinating discussions, are you sure you don’t want to write this paper for me?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      I agree with your observations concerning objectivity.

      1. Sweetest Perfection says:

        “Sweetest Perfection died.”

        1. Anna says:

          And was brought back to life through the light.

  5. Leela_Z says:

    So, you felt that power already as a child. As far as I know, psychopaths are already BORN as such. NPD develops as a combination of genetics and environment, but a psychopath is already born that way. Probably entirely genetic.

    1. Anna says:

      I disagree slightly Leela Z, just my opinion though

      I believe and is just my opinion. People are born with a pre disposition to psychopathy but it is environmental triggers which create a psychopath. Between the ages of 0-3 years old.

      Human infants are complex. Born unfinished, unlike animals who can stand up when born. Due to the size of our brains we are completly vunerable as newborns. Between the ages of 0-3 is the most important time for neural network development.

    2. Leigh says:

      Hmmm. Leela, your comment spurred a thought. If psychopaths are born, then there’s no chance for empathy to form. So even if there was an intervener, it wouldn’t have mattered because an intervener can only stave off the narcissism, not the psychopathy, which means still no empathy.

      Mr. Tudor,
      Is that correct?

      1. HG Tudor says:


        1. Leigh says:

          Thank you for your reply, Mr. Tudor.

          1. HG Tudor says:

            You’re welcome

        2. In so many words says:

          HG, That’s so interesting. And makes perfect sense, as psychopathy is visible on brain scans. Brings up these questions for me.

          1. Would you have likely been a pure psychopath had you not been subjected to a lack of control environment growing up?

          2. Do you think the environment during childhood influences whether a psychopath chooses pro-social ways to alleviate boredom and seek power? For example, becoming a surgeon rather than a serial killer? James Fallon, the neuroscientist who found out that he was a psychopath by looking at his own brain scan, believes that his pro-social choices stem directly from being raised in a loving and nurturing environment.

          1. HG Tudor says:

            1. Yes.
            2. I would agree that would have an influence.

      2. A Victor says:

        Great question Leigh!

        1. Leigh says:

          Thank you, AV!

      3. Anna says:

        Head trauma can also cause psychopathy. Leigh I suggest reading about the case of Phineas Gage. He had an accident that made him become psychopathic. It is very interesting. If you google his name you will find information about it.

        1. Leigh says:

          Thank you, Anna. I’ll check that out.

  6. Anna says:

    And this is why the world is in the state it is

    Those who are in power tend to be psychopaths

    Imagine a world where empaths had power?
    A world without war?
    A world full of love?

    There you go….. that is the way it is

    1. Allison says:

      I’m imagining a world full of empaths. Humanity would have extinguished itself long ago. Nature wouldn’t put up with so much remorse and indecision. Or fancy cat clothes.

      1. NarcAngel says:

        Haha. True, Allison.

        1. Anna says:

          Is it really true? or are we gaslighted to believe that empaths are so weak and useless? That they could never be leaders?

          Oh really?

          1. Allison says:

            Empaths don’t rule the world and they would never. That would require qualities we don’t possess in sufficient amounts, and motivations which are foreign to us.

      2. Sweetest Perfection says:

        Qualities we don’t possess… And lack of interest. I would rather be floating in the ocean counting the pelicans that fly over my head than at a world summit in a toxic room surrounded by narcs.

        1. A Victor says:

          SP, right with you on this!!

    2. Leela_Z says:

      Exactly what I wanted to write, too! A world where Empaths rule, would be mostly free of war, maybe, I can imagine that the Super could maybe start one in Supernova mode? But they wouldn´t last long. There would be no endless greed, no destruction of nature, no leeching on other countries, there would be fair trade of ressources, sharing, no supression of other countries and peoples, no destruction of the environment (maybe a little bit only).

      1. Sweetest Perfection says:

        I’m not that sure of that. Just look at the arguments that take place every now and then on the blog…supernova only happens in the presence of a narcissist though. Maybe the wars would not be motivated by a desire of control, but they could be caused by an excess of emotional response. Empaths get mad too.

        1. Isabelle says:

          What you said. Or wrote.

          1. Sweetest Perfection says:

            Oui. 🤗

        2. Leela_Z says:

          Yes. 😂 Imagine the Geyser Empaths!! 😂😂😂😂 The Geysers could indeed snap. And I don´t know whether Supernova only happens in the presence of a narcissist, it´s just an “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!” no matter of what.

          1. Sweetest Perfection says:

            Or a war to fight for HG’s attention. I can see that too.
            I meant supernova is only caused by interaction with a narc. And since the hypothetical scenario was a world without narcs…

      2. Allison says:

        There would be no countries, never mind the leeching of them. There would be no trade because little of value would be generated. That requires stability and settlement, things protected by killing. Who would determine (and enforce) what was fair? There would be war, but it would be unending and silly because not enough would have the will for ultimate destruction of the enemy, the grabbing of a life by the throat and wringing it out of existence.

        The only way empaths would rule is if they were the only kind of people in existence, and the “rule” would be pointless and short because nature is a kingdom of death. Even if the situation were that empaths were greatest in number over all other types, just a few normal people or narcissists in the mix would be like vipers in a hen house, and there would still be no empath rule. We’d have to turn to our narcissistic traits to survive, and then the guilt would kill us. Without those willing to unhesitatingly deliver the first skull-crushing blows of history, our species would never have gotten on the path of building, possessing, acquiring, and expanding.

        There would be no major achievements. There would be no peoples. There would be no systems of trade. There would be nothing to rule.

      3. Agave says:

        Not even a little, Leelah.
        What kind of ‘a bit’ do you reserve for yourself, and others?
        Just curious…

    3. poetloui says:

      Dear Anna,
      I see your point and respectfully, i would like to counter..
      The effective ability to wield power has, I believe, brought humanity into a comparatively civilised society; Via the planning and creation of practical and abstract systems and opportunities, that in general, are facilitated by those whose heads tend rule their hearts.

      The ability to detach from feelings and act in seemingly cold ways has allowed nations to continue to exist;
      eg, following periods of war, due to hard decisions having to be made.
      Typically it seems that empaths would struggle with the ‘sacrifice of the few for the good of the many’ moral connundrum; Yet narcs and sociopaths are much better able to handle the moral dialema ( as they’re apparently unaffected with emotions.)
      So in summary,
      I believe we need both;
      The powerful in logic & ‘mind’ & the powerful in imagination & heart.
      With out each other, each is ineffective.

      In my opinion, there is place for balance in all things.
      Our job is recognising and accepting our inherent roles within the mixing, melting pot.

      🙏🙏 hoping this finds you well.

      1. Anna says:


        I agree 100%
        Equalibrium. Good and Evil. Middle ground “Die Goldene Mitte”
        Postive and Negative
        Jedi and Sith
        We cannot have one without the other.
        Both must exist to create a balance.

        I liked the film the “Matrix”
        Where the Smith told Morpheus they created a perfect world with no suffering but the people did not survive.

        Here is the link on YouTube to the clip

        1. Jordyguin says:

          Poetloui & Anna
          Thoughts; balance;
          Sith and Jedi and what not are the two ends on the horizontal spectrum of Duality. They don’t create balance. Never have, never will. They fight for power and can’t bring balance. They seek victory over the other. They are the “bad” and the „good“ and vice versa. They are the dark which blinds and the light which blinds. You know the light – when you look into the sun and it blinds you. The “good” worriers of light, the harmony-police, you name it..

          What creates balance however lies within Polarity. Polarities are found in nature, which remains in balance within the predator and prey cycles of continuation of life and not extinction of life. Other example is male and female. Are two different poles which create balance by ’creation of life’.

          Humans are caught up in Duality (aggression, provocation, paranoia, fear). Became alienated to nature and fight it and extinct it, because they don’t understand it anymore and can’t fit in. They extinct nature and themselves – dueling (in Duality).

          The question is why and what happened to make them tick in fighting in Duality instead of existing in balance in Polarity?

          Matrix films show how machines will never understand humans and will never be able to create any world of balance for humans, except the one of ’human-battery’. Note that the films end in Duality each time and the war of machines and humans continues. Neo comes close to one main thing – his existence is an illusion within the Matrix of an artificial intellect. This is the main point of it all. And is where parts of our society are heading towards. With wide open arms. Practical for narcs’s construct, who are in a battle mode for control (power over) 24/7. In the mantle of the light or dark, it doesn’t matter because it blinds.

  7. Contagious says:

    Examples of others good at it? It seems those in power clash often.

    1. Leela_Z says:

      Those in power are mostly narcissists and psychopaths, either pure narcs, pure psychopaths or hybrids. Not many Empaths are in those positions of power.

      1. Contagious says:

        So they clash:)

      2. Anna says:

        I kind of liked Angela Merkel. She struck me as being very intelligent and empathic.

        1. Bubbles says:

          Dear Anna ,
          Hmmmmmm 🤭
          Another one for the Tudorscope me thinks

  8. In so many words says:

    HG, the way you describe wielding power sounds almost utopian. Used “with the application of evidence-based logic, unswayed by misleading and capricious emotions,” efficiently for long term goals. Yet it accurately describes how you use your power when educating about narcissism. Is that how you also use it in your other endeavors?

    1. HG Tudor says:


    2. Contagious says:

      But it’s not utopian because there are others with power and they clash. They clash often and loudly.

      My son n is a sergeant in the marines and he often talks to me about leading with the mind not the heart. He is a boxer too which he says is a mental sport not just physical. I would be and would have been a terrible soldier. I would have been a great EMT or doctor/nurse. BUT if someone threatened a loved a loved one fatally, there would be no thought. Mind and heart would meet and I would kill.

  9. annaamel says:

    An interesting article, HG. Thank-you.

    Power definitely confers advantages and many seek it to enjoy the advantages it bestows. I think we all want enough power to choose the direction and experience of our own lives, even if we are not interested in influencing the lives of others.

    ‘Power must be held by those who adhere to the application of evidence-based logic, unswayed by misleading and capricious emotions.’

    Logic would definitely be an advantage, and strong emotions would make it harder to be objective. But there are not many who are totally void of emotions. Some may feel all their emotions, including the more positive ones, but at a low level, which could allow them to apply logic to their decision making more easily. But what if they possessed emotions, and those emotions were strong, and those emotions were fury, envy, hatred, disgust? I’d imagine would increase the potential for biased decisions.

    ‘Instead power belongs to those who reside in the making of rational assessments, who see beyond the short term, who recognise that with great power comes, not great responsibility, but rather great opportunity.’

    I am inclined to see responsibility as more important than opportunity, simply because of the potential for corruption and the obscene damage it can do. Power without responsibility can be lethal. When those with power prioritise opportunity over responsibility the outcome can be devastating, even for them.

  10. Eloise Simpson says:

    Really well stated

  11. Allison says:

    It is as nourishing and illuminating to be under one who truly knows power as it is unsatisfying and irritating to be impacted by the unsuited.

  12. Asp Emp says:

    Paragraph 15: when I read it, I was already thinking laterally, as my LT ‘absorbed it’. And, I was already “translating” it.

    “Translate” it into the language of what HG says in regard to utilising his work by applying Logic, learning to understand what ET is and learning to manage it, in any environment one may find themselves in in the present and in the future.

    “Carpe diem” (“seize the day”, taken from book 1 of the Roman poet Horace’s work Odes (23 BC)).

    “Scientia potentia est” (“Knowledge is Power”, Sir Francis Bacon). HG has an article of the same title.

    The knowledge of HG’s work that “resides” in one’s mind offers “great opportunity” (wisdom) to obtain, and, maintain Liberation.

    I love reading these new articles in the ‘Psychopath’ series, they offer a different aspect of one’s learning. I had already ‘created’ a new “filing cabinet” within my mind (compartmentalising !!) that has a different ‘section’ that is not narcissism related 🙂 Thank you, HG, fascinating as always X

  13. poetloui says:

    Dear HG,

    So incredibly true.

    I believe there is primal beauty in the balance of power and control;
    Between Assertion and Submission.
    In all things, there is give and take.

    .As ‘power’ is such an integral facet to humanity’s evolution, it’s continued existence & the status quo that could arguably be defined as ‘progress,’ ..
    it is a subject that I believe all could benefit from exploring by observation of the world around them and also of themselves.

    We evolve throughout our lives,
    in terms of control development
    (Within ourselves, also our behaviour, actions and perceptions, in respect of ‘others’.)
    And with age comes the experience of time, providing us a scale on which to reflect and measure the patterns of power dynamics within our lives.

    There are natural and unnatural ebbs and flows to power.
    As water is the source of life.
    ‘Power” is the source of humanity & it’s actual civilisation.

    As water may be withheld.
    So may power be withheld.
    As water nourishes.
    So power nourishes.

    Thank you for the thought provoking subject matter HG.
    It covers so many facets and compromises that life entails for society as a whole.


  14. Jordyguin says:

    Wow! Thank you for explaining Power!

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