Psychopath : The World I See




Unlike most individuals who experience a wide range of emotions, my perception of the world is grounded in rationality rather than emotional responses. I prioritize logical reasoning, allowing me to evaluate situations objectively and make calculated decisions. The absence of certain conventional emotions grants me an advantage in assessing circumstances without being clouded by subjective biases.

The world is an expansive playing field where individuals are mere pawns to be manipulated for personal gain. Recognizing the vulnerability of emotions in others, I adeptly exploit them to achieve my objectives. My emotional detachment enables me to navigate social interactions skillfully, exerting influence and control over others to serve my own interests.

Relationships lack the depth and authenticity experienced by those with emotional capacities. While I engage in interpersonal interactions, these connections are often superficial, driven primarily by the benefits I can extract from others. Genuine care or attachment holds nomeaning to me, as I view relationships as transactional arrangements devoid of emotional depth.

My perception of morality starkly contrasts with societal norms. I view morality as a mere social construct, selectively adopting ethical principles that align with my personal agenda. Conventional moral frameworks, rooted in empathy and compassion, hold no significance to me. This calculated approach allows me to navigate society while exploiting the clearweaknesses in moral systems. Morality, is a construct created by society to maintain order and control. I do not adhere to a fixed moral code dictated by empathy or compassion. Instead, I selectively adopt ethical principles that correspond with my immediate interests. I am adept at navigating moral grey areas and exploiting the weaknesses in societal norms. The absence of emotional anchors means I am unaffected by  moral guilt or remorse, which impact on other people considerably, enabling me to pursue my objectives without hesitation.


The world is a hunting ground where I am the predator and others are the prey. I possess a keen ability to identify vulnerabilities and skillfully exploit them to my advantage. Calculated and strategic, I perceive every interaction as an opportunity to gain power, control, or material benefits. My perception of the world is devoid of inherent goodwill that typically characterizes human interactions.

My outlook is  characterized by a cold and logical lens, devoid of hope or compassion. I approach life with a detached mindset, focusing on personal gain, manipulation, and exploitation of others. The absence of emotional connection and the rejection of conventional morality allow me to deal with society with ease, often concealing my true intentions.

As a psychopath, my perception of the world can be unsettling to those who possess empathy and compassion. However, it is essential to recognize that my perspective is not one of inherent evil or malevolence but rather a fundamental difference in neurobiology and emotional processing. I lack the capacity to experience many emotions in the same way as others, and this shapes how I see and interact with the world.

Emotional detachment grants me a certain clarity and objectivity in my observations. While others may be swayed by their feelings, I remain focused on logic and reason, allowing me to assess situations with a cool-headedness that is eminently advantageous. I am not burdened by empathy or sentimentality, which clouds  judgment and hinders decision-making. Instead, I rely on a calculated analysis of the potential outcomes and consequences of my actions.

Relationships become transactions of power and utility. I recognize the vulnerabilities and desires of others, utilizing this knowledge to my advantage. I may mimic emotions or feign connection when it serves my purpose, but there is an underlying understanding that these interactions are ultimately self-serving. I view individuals as tools to be used and disengaged from when they no longer serve a purpose.

The world is akin to a chessboard, where strategic moves and calculated actions lead to personal advancement. I possess a predatory nature, honed by an acute awareness of human weaknesses and vulnerabilities. I see opportunities where others may see obstacles, and I am skilled at exploiting these opportunities to achieve my goals. My approach is driven by self-interest, and I am unencumbered by considerations of collateral damage or the well-being of others.

Not all psychopaths function as effectively as I do, my level of cognitive function assists considerably in that regard but , the overarching theme remains one of detached rationality and a focus on personal gain.

While this perspective may appear cold and devoid of empathy, it is an intrinsic part of who I am. Understanding this perspective can shed light on the distinctive cognitive patterns and motivations that drive psychopathic behavior, providing a glimpse into a way of perceiving the world that is fundamentally different from the majority of human experiences.

The world is a stage, and I am the puppeteer pulling the strings. From the outside, it may seem like chaos and confusion, but for me, it’s an opportunity. A playground where I can manipulate and exploit others without remorse or empathy.

I see people as mere objects, pawns in my game of deception. Their emotions and vulnerabilities are tools for me to exploit. Their pain and suffering are mere entertainment, fueling my insatiable appetite for control and dominance. I thrive in the shadows, blending seamlessly with the crowd, hiding my true nature beneath a carefully constructed facade of charm and charisma.

Morality is a foreign concept to me. Empathy, guilt, and remorse are emotions I don’t possess. For the weak-minded, these emotions serve as shackles, restraining them from achieving their true potential. But for me, they are obstacles that I’ve successfully evaded. Free from the constraints of emotions, I navigate the world with cold, calculated precision.

I view relationships as transactions, opportunities for personal gain. Whether it’s friendships, romantic entanglements, or professional connections, I exploit them all. I can feign affection and loyalty effortlessly, mirroring the emotions of those around me. But behind the mask lies a calculating mind, always searching for ways to benefit myself at the expense of others.

Control is my ultimate goal, the currency through which I measure my success. I crave control and dominance over others, reveling in the fear and vulnerability I instill, which proves so important in alleviating the boredom that threatens to distract.  Manipulation is my art, and I take pride in my ability to deceive even the most astute observers. I use charm, lies, and manipulation to bend others to my will, relishing in the intoxicating sense of power it brings.

While others may find joy in love, compassion, and genuine human connections, I find my pleasure in the thrill of manipulation, deceit, and the pursuit of dominance. The world is my chessboard, and I am the master strategist, moving my pieces with calculated precision. In this world devoid of emotions, I am the apex predator, always one step ahead, ready to exploit the weaknesses of those around me.

In my world, there are no barriers or limitations. I am free from the burdens of conscience and guilt. While others may struggle with the complexities of right and wrong, I see the world in shades of opportunity. I am unencumbered by moral constraints, allowing me to pursue my desires without hesitation or remorse.

Every interaction becomes a game, a challenge to test my wit and cunning. I observe others closely, searching for their vulnerabilities and weaknesses. Like a predator stalking its prey, I patiently wait for the perfect moment to strike. Manipulation becomes second nature, as I expertly exploit the trust and naivety of those around me.

Empathy is a foreign language that I never bothered to learn. I cannot experience many of  the emotions that drive ordinary people. Their pain and suffering are inconsequential to me, mere background noise in the symphony of my existence. I view their vulnerability as an opportunity for personal gain and control. I take pleasure in breaking their spirits and watching them crumble beneath my influence.

My detached and calculating mind allows me to see the world for what it truly is—an arena of power dynamics. I am the puppet master, pulling the strings of those who foolishly believe they are in control. I revel in the chaos I create, manipulating circumstances to suit my desires. The world bends to my will, and I relish the feeling of absolute control.

While others may seek love, connection, and fulfillment, I find satisfaction in the pursuit of power and dominance. Relationships are tools to be used and discarded at will. I play on the emotions of others, mirroring their affections to gain their trust. But deep down, I know that these connections are hollow, devoid of any genuine emotional attachment.

In the end, my vision of the world is a cold and calculated one. It is a world where I reign supreme, free from the shackles of morality and empathy.


This is the world that I see.

7 thoughts on “Psychopath : The World I See

  1. Bubbles says:

    Dear Mr Tudor,
    You are definitely an exception to rule as most psychopaths are generally viewed as dangerous and evil not necessarily intelligent ! Evil geniuses do exist!
    Thank you for a most fascinating read.

  2. Contagious says:

    Hi HG: here is where I launch a concern. The Sound of Freedom has sparked a fury on child trafficking. I don’t imply you are an involved as you aren’t. BUT this world as a psychopath sees it has increased child trafficking 5000 % due to social vial media, the internet and the dark web. Elon Musk has been aggressive at eliminating it through X and a promoter of the film. He isn’t stupid. He knows these stats are real. Who are these psychopaths? And they must be! Nothing more pure and innocent than a child and how do we stop them? Please use your education to help. The film has caused a fury among the masses. And a conspiracy theory at Hollywood whose studios did not want it. You called Jim an empath. Jim joined the cast to help this evil. And it’s evil. These traffickers and their buyers have zero empathy. Pure predators. Why do many? Who are they? How do we stop them?

    1. lickemtomorrow says:

      Contagious, I didn’t want to comment here until I had a chance to see Sound of Freedom.

      You could have heard a pin drop in the theatre as it played. No one moved from their seats until they heard the special message at the end. I completely agree with your sentiments around the innocence of children. It’s impossible to imagine a worse crime.

      Whether they regard it or not, the predators have been issued a warning:

      “It would be better that a millstone be hung around their neck … ”

      God’s children are not for sale.

      1. Contagious says:

        Lickemtomorrow: Yes Gods children aren’t for sale. Yet they are. So glad you saw the film. It is doing well despite the silence of those you would expect to champion it? Where is liberal Hollywood? Is it because these kids and families were sucked in and promised to be stars or models? Too close to home Hollywood? Mel Gibson, Jim Caviezal ( HG found him to be an empath) and Denzel Washington. Elon Musk stood by it offering to show it on C and increasing his monitoring on X. This film should win every award for its content, acting, etc… but it looks like it won’t. Why? I wish HG would cover this obvious cover up, it smells like Jeffrey Epstein financial ties cover up and focus on just the sex scandal. Is it because social media is part of Hollywood business and revenue? Any government involvement is a risk despite the costs. My best friend is a top Hollywood agent and I can tell you social media advertising is lucrative and that children are at risk in Hollywood. Whatever the reason it DISGUSTS me. I can tell you pedophiles get lighter sentences than murderers or others yet in my opinion raping a child for years should mean a life sentence. No sound of freedom. I don’t get it. NOR do I understand pepophiles. To me they are psychopaths. All of them. Yet not per the DSM. What could be more innocent and vulnerable than a child? A baby? A toddler? I am not talking about a 19 year old who dates a 17 year old. And the buyers are as guilty as the sellers unlike drugs. Is it kids don’t have the economic interest that guns, weapons or oil does? Why isn’t it STOPPED? HG please help. Please start by educating us? So that your word spreads…x

        1. lickemtomorrow says:

          Contagious, you make a lot of relevant points and ask a lot of relevant questions.

          It is quite poignant when you make the point about Hollywood and yes, God’s children are for SALE. Young people and children who have little to no control over their own lives, some very young, being bought and sold as it were for entertainment and who knows what else. These are the high profile kids who get all the glitz and glam – maybe that’s worse by making it look like some kind of prize to be attained causing others to aspire to be the same. Sound of Freedom rests on the premise of false promises such as these encouraging parents to also want to help children follow their dreams. One of the most harrowing parts of the movie for me was the beginning which showed actual snatching or kidnapping of children and babies from the streets – grainy black and white CCTV footage showing heinous crimes and little ones with no ability to fight back. My opinion, there is a smear campaign being directed at this film and the people involved with it because there is a dark underbelly to this criminal enterprise which involves high profile people. Your mention of Epstein probably is an indication of how murky this world can be.

          If we go back to Hollywood child stars, I think of the programs my children watched as youngsters and barely one of them is untouched by later scandal and reports of parental coercion and abuse (narcissism). One stand out example of this currently is Jeanette McCurdy with her autobiographical account, “I’m Glad My Mom Died”, detailing her experiences with a narcissistic mother in Hollywood. There are so many examples of young stars turning to drink, drugs, suicide, crossing paths with law enforcement as part of the fallout. When I think of the innocence of my children and the programs we often watched together, some of the obvious ‘gone astray’ child actors include Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Drake Bell and Shia Le Beouf. Too many to mention. I joined the Hollywood Prayer Network when my kids were viewing these programs as I had a sense these young people needed prayer and protection in spite of the family friendly content. There are a number of stories of parents pushing children forward for financial gain, often in desperate financial circumstances, and no doubt whether Hollywood or elsewhere this creates an opening for exploitation. Narcissists and psychopaths will abound in such circumstances. A person without a conscience, with no sense of remorse or empathy, will not care if it is a child or an adult they are exploiting for financial gain or sexual gratification. We are all objects to them.

          I think a lot of HG’s work touches on this ability of narcissists to cross boundaries with their sense of entitlement, and inability (to feel what we feel). One particularly salient piece is the one which refers to family, and keeping it in the family, which shows that incestuous relationships can also be par for the course for narcissists as they see their children as extensions of themselves. There is no YOU, there is only ME, and therefore you and your needs don’t come into consideration. If Hollywood is reacting so vehemently, it’s likely because it draws narcissists like moths to a flame and cannot countenance opposition – which is what the producers of this film are as outsiders to the industry.

          Never mind its theme, which will really inflame the paedophiles that exist there, and elswehere.

  3. B. says:

    I respect and admire the skills you have, even though I would use them for different reasons.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      That is a fair response.

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