Knowing HG Parts 1-7

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You can still keep your distance and learn.

Join the hunt to really know HG Tudor. Learn more about who he is, what he does and his Grand Design.

Can you ascertain who sits at the Low Table?

Learn about The Hourglass, The Crow Graveyard and the Pilgrimage of Ice and Snow and gain unrivalled and unique access into the mind of HG Tudor.

Will you be able to unravel the clues provided in each part that will grant you access to a stunning secret?

Knowing HG Part 1

Knowing HG Part 2

Knowing HG Part 3

Knowing Hg Part 4

Knowing HG Part 5

Knowing HG Part 6

Knowing HG Part 7

Who is Alastor?

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4 thoughts on “Knowing HG Parts 1-7

  1. Dani says:

    Mr. Tudor,

    1. If you hosted a dinner party and could invite any five self-aware narcissists/narcissistic psychopaths from history and each one had to be from a different historical period (one ancient, one medieval, etc.)…who would those five be?

    2. If you hosted a dinner party and could make any five empaths from history addicted to you over the course of that evening and each one had to be from a different historical period (one ancient, one medieval, etc.)…who would those five be?

    Thank you so much for your time. Much appreciated.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      1. Alexander the Great, Charles I of England , Richard the Lionheart, Caesar Brogia, Charles De Gaulle.
      2. You got the five freebies with question 1, you will need to do Show Me The Empath for the empaths.

      1. Dani says:

        I did get five freebies in question one. You’re so generous…and I’m so damn intrigued now, sir!
        Charles I vs Cromwell. Please do a series to share more! *bounces up and down excitedly, holding hands up pleadingly* I’d love to hear a breakdown of what is known about the treason trial…and the effect it had on Charles I! I’m not super well versed on it…I know that Charles I was never ahead in life after that trial…I know it would be riveting and thorough. I really love how you keep your audience engaged and guessing with the Tudor-Scope analyses. The speed at which you can get some of the ones done that suddenly become relevant (Stockton Rush) astounds me.
        Thank you so much, sir. Much appreciated.

  2. Contagious says:

    HG : I still think your Grand Design is a double entendre maybe just the contagion 😷 n me. I enjoy the challenge to sleuth however! How exciting! I also wonder why some narcs remain unaware…

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