Tickety Boo Or Not So Pucker

  Last late Spring I had occasion to be in Scotland. A marvellous country filled with beautiful scenery and plenty of history. I realised that I was fairly near to a place where I had spent a handful of childhood holidays and decided to drive to the location to ascertain if it remained as I […]

The Cookie Jar

      When I was a child, my grandmother would bake the most delicious-smelling cookies. Her house would be full of the aroma of those treats as they baked in her oven. She would remove them and place them on the various cooling wire stands as my siblings and me would stand and watch, […]

The Clue Hunter

The dedicate Clue Hunter will now learn more to unlock more…. Come and get your key It is time to get clued up because there is about to be a major revelation within the Protected Forum and to access it, you need to acquire Clue Hunter…..

Heavy Lies the Narcissist´s Crown

Heavy lies the crown that sits atop my head as I look out upon my kingdom. Inside my gilded tower I remain, behind those fearsome double doors that are locked four times and triple-barred. I sit on my throne which has been fashioned from the souls that I have stolen and bound to this edifice […]