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Knowing the Narcissist : The Narcissist’s Seven False Contritions

1. I am sorry I went away. You probably said something that I did not like, you may not have said anything at all, but you did something which criticised me and I wanted to punish you so I disappeared. I am not going to tell you what I was doing whilst I was gone […]

Knowing the Narcissist : Exorcism

The narcissist may be physically gone but his or her influence remains and it hurts. Whether you have escaped the narcissist or you have been cruelly discarded, the period thereafter is difficult, worrying and painful. Why can’t you move on? Why do you keep thinking about them? How can we exert such a hold over […]

Knowing the Narcissist : Shelf Life : What’s Going On?

    Life on the shelf. The position of the Intimate Partner Secondary Source Other commentators talk about the standard cycle of the narcissist being idealisation, then devaluation, then dis-engagement (or discard) and then hoovering. This is just one dynamic of many. None realise that there are many other dynamics and one in particular which is […]

Knowing the Narcissist : Black or White? On the Shelf

  Life on the shelf is often difficult. Knowing The Narcissist is the only place which explains this dynamic with accuracy. You often find yourself isolated, unable to talk to others about the affair you are engaged with and if there are others you can speak to, they do not understand you are dealing with […]

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