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An Encounter With Evil

As part of my ongoing work with Dr O and Dr E I have been encouraged to tell them about the things that I say and the things that I do for them to consider and compile. I have been happy to oblige. They instructed me to place this distillation of my activities into a […]

Life is Sweet

An ex-girlfriend, I forget which one it was, told me that living with me was hell. I laughed. I said hell was living a mundane life. Hell was being a cookie-cutter who brought no influence to bear on the world or people’s lives. Imagine, not mattering ? It makes me shudder. I am not ordinary. […]

I’m Too Sexy

I am an accomplished lover. I know I am.I have been told so on many occasions. Plus the noise, the pupil dilations, spasming and orgasmic flush all tell the same story. I know what I am doing and I do it to great effect. My sexual performance is a matter of great pride to me. […]

The War On Error

I don’t like mistakes. I like everything to be correct and in order otherwise I feel unsettled at best and furious at worst. People often say sorry to me. I reply, ” Don’t be sorry, be accurate.” This requirement from accuracy stems from being well-educated and naturally intelligent. It was always drummed into me as […]

Get Ready to Drop

People often accuse my kind and me of not doing pleasant things. I find that hurtful and incorrect. If there are two things that will annoy me considerably, they are being hurt and people being incorrect (see the War on Error) . I regard this as a useful opportunity to remove that misconception. When I […]

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