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Knowing the Narcissist : HG Mauls the Elite Narcissist

  The Elite Narcissist. Obtain here HG Tudor as The Ultra has no allegiance to other narcissists and for you this is a good thing. You are about to be educated and entertained as HG Tudor takes each cadre of narcissist and gives them a compact mauling for their failings and their collective disgrace to […]

Knowing the Narcissist : Crush Emotional Thinking : The Mirror Technique

  Emotional Thinking continuing to plague your life? Emotional Thinking making you fear the narcissist? Emotional Thinking derailing your no contact regimen again and again? Do you want the pain caused by Emotional Thinking to go? Coming soon The Mirror Technique which will enable you to crush your emotional thinking.

Knowing the Narcissist : Outrageous : The Fury of the Narcissist

  Fury is the instrument of the narcissist. It is a tool that we deploy in furtherance of our aims. The narcissist’s toolbox is a thing to behold. It contains many devices, objects and instruments that we deploy in order to secure our objectives. Other people may use these devices in a similar if diminished form […]

Knowing the Narcissist : The Paranoia of Character Assassination by the Narcissist

  The character assassination. Close cousin of the smear campaign. Built on a foundation of lies also, hurtful and effective. The smear campaign is outward facing namely it is aimed at third parties in order to affect their way of thinking. A character assassination is directed to and at you. There are three ways of […]

Knowing the Narcissist : A Letter to the Narcissist – No. 136

  To my narcissist husband and father of our two beautiful boys,    You don’t pick up after yourself,  you leave empty beer cans everywhere, you go out and play men’s adult sports multiple times a week and then go out drinking for hours after. Don’t do your laundry and then you rage at everyone […]

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