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I have a fascination for inanimate objects. Show me a beautiful watch with its intricate mechanism on display and I shall sit transfixed for a long time admiring the craftsmanship in this creation. I like to touch one of my favourite suits relishing the sensation of the cloth. I will hold it up pleased with […]

Talk is Cheap

I think it was FR David who sang ‘words don’t come easy to me’. He clearly wasn’t one of my kind. Words are my weapon. I love words. I am a thesaurus able to conjure up so many different ways of saying the same thing. I am able to create the most evocative of pictures […]

Fantastic Elastic

I become easily bored. I think it is as a consequence of how clever and brilliant I am that my mind is always racing. It is rushing over and over, thoughts and ideas percolating through it. I therefore need to be simulated and kept occupied. This translates into my relationships. I don’t know why, but […]

Spoiler Alert

When I was with Siobhan (an ex girlfriend) her birthday arrived just four weeks after we had begun seeing one another. I took her away for the weekend, bought her a beautiful Tiffany bracelet, organised a huge bouquet to be delivered to the suite where we were staying in our hotel and then took her […]

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