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One of my key defence mechanisms is the art of deflection. You may realise that nothing is ever my fault. It is evident why that is. I am special and above the regular humdrum vagaries of life that affect the little people. Accordingly, since I cannot be held to account, by reason of my elevated […]

The Great Pretender

I am an expert in reading people. I truly am. I use this ability to further my aims, namely to seduce you and then to cause you pain as I always know how I react. Remember when we first met? Of course you do. You replay those golden moments through your mind several times a […]

Playing the Triangle

I used to be in a band. I played lead electric triangle as I was the fulcrum of the outfit. Success was denied by the incompetence of my fellow band members and I let them know about that. I love the triangle. As Madonna once sang, one is such a lonely number. Two is okay […]

Love Thy Neighbour

I noticed the wife of my neighbour was outside doing some gardening. I had seen him leave earlier so my opportunity had arisen. I slipped out of the rear of my house and clambered over the fence and then ran around the block to arrive back at the front of the house to give the […]

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