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Colouring my thinking

One of my doctors, I call him Doctor E (for earnest) asked me what my favourite colour is. I was delighted to enlighten him about this. I explained that it is not red ; too many people like red and I am not too many people. Far from it. I followed this by explaining that […]

Who are you?

That’s an easy one. You are my soul mate. You complete me. You are the only one who gets me. I would die without you. I know we’ve not met yet but I feel a connection already and it’s all down to how marvellous you are. I know it and I am so blessed that […]

HG Tudor : Why Am I Doing This?

As part of my efforts to elude those seeking to enforce their worldview on me (they laughingly call themselves doctors) I have agreed to detail and write about what I do so the world may better understand me and my kind. I’m happy to oblige. I love an audience. Moreover I am told (told – […]

HG Tudor : Who Am I?

I have been given a label by those have been charged with treating me. I am labelled a narcissist. A narc. That label is irrelevant. Why? Because I am your husband, your mother, your sister, your boyfriend, your best friend, your boss, your neighbour and your favourite film star. I am everywhere. You need to […]

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