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The Cult of Me

I am akin to a god. I am omnipotent and omniscient. I regard people as chess pieces that I move hither and thither in pursuit of my endless games. I am angry and capricious, raining down my erratic and arbitrary judgement on those who I find offensive. Like any god, I must be appeased at that […]

How Does it Feel?

I have been asked by Andrea if one can exist without pain or joy? The question presupposes that I am without pain or joy and therefore can I exist? The starting point must be therefore do I feel pain? Do I feel joy ? I shall deal with the latter first .Joy is defined as ” a feeling […]

Joy of Text

I love sending text messages. They are a useful and inexpensive method of ensuring that I remain in the forefront of the thoughts of the relevant recipient. I do this to show how much I care about that person even when they are not with me. I am thoughtful in that way. It is important […]

Everything I Do, I Do it For You

I had a session with Dr E. He wanted to discuss the notion of empathy. “How does discussing empathy make you feel?” he asked. “Let’s talk about how it makes you feel eh doctor?” I replied promptly and flashed him a winning smile. He looked up at me and gave me a wan smile. “Very […]

Hoover Manoeuvre

During one session Dr E and I talked about relationships and friendships. More about that on another occasion. This discussion did however cause him to make an observation at our next session. He said to me “You gather friends and lover very easily.” I thanked him for that and offered, without him needing to ask, […]

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