I have written in detail about many aspects of narcissism and narcissists. These books covers subjects which include

1- The viewpoints of my mind so you can gain insight into the mindset of Lesser, Mid-Range and Greater Narcissists.

2. My background, my history and how I behave as an Ultra Narcissist.

3. Explanations about how all narcissists function and operate.

4. How we present in particular situations and genres.

5. How you can deal with the narcissist.

6. How you can understand how to implement no contact and the threats to that regime.

You will find all of these books available through Amazon. I have included the links for books in the main English speaking Amazon jurisdictions. All of the books are available as e-books (although you do not need a Kindle to read them, you can download the free kindle app to any electronic device) and a selection are available as paperbacks.

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If you experience a problem obtaining any of my books, do email me at narcissist1909@gmail.com and I will assist you to ensure you access the world’s best material about narcissists.

I have numerous existing works which will be published once they have been completed. These are just some of the 54 titles I am working on :

The Creature

The Asylum of the Grotesque

More Narc Tales


Little Boy Lost

Fuel Crisis

The Lesser Narcissist

The Mid Range Narcissist

The Greater Narcissist

Understanding the Narcissistic Cadres

The Standard Empath

The Super Empath

The Contagion Empath

Understanding the Empathic Cadres

The Aging Narcissist

Dealing With The Familial Narcissist

Filthy Lucre :The Narcissist and Money

The Intimate Partner Primary Source

The Dirty Little Secret

Life On The Shelf : The Intimate Partner Secondary Source