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Knowing the Narcisisst : I Second That Emotion

  The emotional spectrum afforded to my kind is limited. The bulk of the positive emotions that you experience have either been stripped away or moulded into one all-pervasive sensation and that is of power. Whereas you might experience joy, elation, happiness and delight, we feel power. That surging sensation which courses through us as […]


    Impregnable. I must remain impregnable. It is fundamental to my existence that I am impregnable. Impregnable to any threat to my control. Impregnable to the disruption to my fuel provision. Impregnable to anything which slows, hinders or prevents me from achieving the Prime Aims. I must always remain impregnable. Another session with Dr […]

Knowing the Narcissist : How to Tackle Emotional Thinking

    Are you ready to drain yourself of Emotional Thinking in order to beat the addiction to the narcissist and achieve freedom? Absolutely, you are. By accessing the Assistance Packages to understand the foundation of your addiction and then the relationship between your addiction and Emotional Thinking, you are then ready to tackle Emotional Thinking and drain […]