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    I want to own you. I want to draw you into my world. A world where my rules are the only rules that matter. When I first set eyes on you I make it my business to ascertain your suitability for ownership. You might only be owned in the sense of being a […]

Why Won’t He Say What Is Wrong?

  Something is wrong. The fact that something is wrong has many manifestations in the narcissistic dynamic. You may experience a sudden eruption of temper, the instigation of a silent treatment as you follow us around the house trying to draw from us what on earth is the matter. It might be that you plead […]

Hoover Risk : The Need for the Last Word

    I often reinforce how the key to understanding who you have been entangled with and therefore maximising your own prospects of moving on is to comprehend that we operate from a different perspective from you. That is why so much of what we say and do appears odd, irrational and downright perverse to […]

Something Doesn’t Feel Right

  “I am left feeling I am not good enough” “I am always waiting for him to call.” “She never seems to listen to me.” “I feel like I always have to respond straight away.” “I do not feel settled.” “I always feel like I am being scrutinised.” “I feel like I am out of […]

How the Narcissist Turns A Trait Against You

  The chime of my ‘phone alerted me to the arrival of a text. There was nothing unusual in that. Scores arrive daily and this rises to beyond a hundred and more when the glorious seduction has commenced of a fresh, prime target. I looked over with half-interest to my ‘phone and see a name […]

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