Welcome to the Video Vault.

As a consequence of repeated requests for access to a wealth of brilliant material about narcissism which you can download and access in your own time and return to time and time again, the Video Vault has been created. This is also part of the preservation of the wealth of information that I have created for you with regard to understanding everything you need to know about narcissism, the narcissistic dynamic, narcissists and of course, you, our victims. This is an extraordinary detailed vault of unrivalled information which allows you to browse for particular topics and access them as you require. Many people have asked for this facility to enable them to build playlists and to have access to the material in a way which allows them greater flexibility for listening. The vault will be added to on a near daily basis and alongside existing familiar material you will find material hitherto unknown to you and also brand new works which will be added for your exclusive education and entertainment.



Access The Video Vault here