How The Intimate Relationship Functions With the Narcissist

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Are you in an Intimate Relationship Narcissist? If so, you need to understand what that means and how you will be treated. You need this information because Emotional Thinking is going to con you to your detriment. Emotional Thinking will prevent you accessing Logical Thinking and knowing what will REALLY happen. 

This Assistance Package is designed to explain to you the following, delivered with HG Tudor´s extensive knowledge of all things narcissist and with his clear delivery and direct approach :-

  • How the narcissist´s Pyramid of Intimate Sources is structured
  • What is the Intimate Tertiary Source and how is the ITS treated?
  • What is the Shelf Intimate Partner Primary Source and how is the SIPPS treated?
  • What is the Shelf Dirty Little Secret and how is the SDLS treated?
  • What is the Candidate Intimate Partner Secondary Source and how is the CIPPS treated?
  • What is the Intimate Partner Primary Source and how is the IPPS treated?
  • What lies in store for you as a person who is intimate with a narcissist?
  • Will you move around the Pyramid of Intimate Sources?
  • Who else occupies the Pyramid of Intimate Sources?
  • How do you affect the way the narcissist behaves towards you when you are an intimate source to a narcissist?
  • Is a Golden Period applicable to your situation and if so, how long will it last?
  • Is devaluation always an outcome and if so, what does the devaluation look like?
  • Will you always be disengaged from if you are an Intimate Source?

These are important matters you need to understand if you have been ensnared, you are ensnared and/or you want to deal with future risks of ensnarement. This valuable Assistance Package is available for the introductory discounted price of just US $ 30 and is provided by email as an easy to understand sound file.

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  1. If someone just listens the divorce package saves thousands. Period. I have a friend who is up to probably 150k with no end in sight.

  2. This Assistance Package pulls together a lot of information from multiple articles and books and wraps it up in a neat little package. I am curious after listening, HG…is there such a thing as a Virtual Shelf Dirty Little Secret? Or is there only a Virtual IPSS?

  3. Even though I am not in an intimate relationship with a N and have not been for many years, I purchased this package because I want to understand every aspect of the N/E dynamic. This AP delivers a very detailed description of the various types of relationships a N utilizes within their fuel matrix and offers great insight for the E on exactly where they stand and what they mean to the N and answers a myriad of “Why?” questions. I highly recommend this package to any E who is, or has ever been, entangled with a N and wants to know what they meant to the N. Additionally, this AP helped me to better understand the many accounts I have read here from other readers regarding their entanglements. A fascinating and revealing package well worth the small investment.

  4. There are so many packages that I want and need, I should probably open an account with you HG. I’ll just have the money drawn from my paycheck each week! With that being said I have not purchased anything from you that has not helped in furthering my understanding and moving forward from this addiction that I have. You and your knowledge are well worth the money that has been spent! You are the Master!!

    1. Thank you FM1T. All of the APs give clear insight, understanding and practical assistance and are worth far more than I charge. They are there for those who want to access them, there is no obligation but those who do utilise them learn a lot.

      1. HG,
        I know you could charge so much more for your packages and your consults! I appreciate the fact that you don’t, I would never have been able to afford them as I’m sure many on here would have had trouble doing. Thank you HG.

    2. That’s not a bad idea FM1T. HG, have you considered a subscription service? All new content included for a monthly fee. Recurring revenue is where it’s at!

        1. That would be great HG. I would save a lot of money on my gift card activation fees! ( and I could pass the savings on to you. ) Win Win! 🙃

      1. OTOH, I don’t need divorce or co-parenting content, and others may not need Narcissist at work content. Having a Chinese menu format has its advantages.

          1. MB: “My ET”

            Not necessarily. My first thought was “I don’t need x or y.” Only then did it occur to me that others might not need a or b. Cognitive empathy on my part.

            From a logical point of view, HG continuing to provide some free content means new readers will stick around a while, start applying their knowledge to what they see in their day-to-day lives, and return later. Some may lurk for quite some time before they are ready to order anything. Don’t forget, many of us have trust issues after what we’ve been through.

            I suppose he could have a subscription for Premium Narcsite™ while still offering free content, but I’ll leave the business details to him. Unlike Our Ms. Markle, I don’t consider myself an entrepreneurial genius.

          2. What would work MB is putting that money in a monthly account and choosing the packages that you want or need. By doing that some of us that don’t have the money or gift card available at the time would be able to check the account to see what funds we have available. There MB I planted another seed, run with it! 🥰

        1. Maybe he could have a subscription and people can pick which 3 they need depending on their personal circumstances? “Choose your three picks from among a, b, c, d & e?”

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