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Are you in an Intimate Relationship Narcissist? If so, you need to understand what that means and how you will be treated. You need this information because Emotional Thinking is going to con you to your detriment. Emotional Thinking will prevent you accessing Logical Thinking and knowing what will REALLY happen. 

This Assistance Package is designed to explain to you the following, delivered with HG Tudor´s extensive knowledge of all things narcissist and with his clear delivery and direct approach :-

  • How the narcissist´s Pyramid of Intimate Sources is structured
  • What is the Intimate Tertiary Source and how is the ITS treated?
  • What is the Shelf Intimate Partner Primary Source and how is the SIPPS treated?
  • What is the Shelf Dirty Little Secret and how is the SDLS treated?
  • What is the Candidate Intimate Partner Secondary Source and how is the CIPPS treated?
  • What is the Intimate Partner Primary Source and how is the IPPS treated?
  • What lies in store for you as a person who is intimate with a narcissist?
  • Will you move around the Pyramid of Intimate Sources?
  • Who else occupies the Pyramid of Intimate Sources?
  • How do you affect the way the narcissist behaves towards you when you are an intimate source to a narcissist?
  • Is a Golden Period applicable to your situation and if so, how long will it last?
  • Is devaluation always an outcome and if so, what does the devaluation look like?
  • Will you always be disengaged from if you are an Intimate Source?

These are important matters you need to understand if you have been ensnared, you are ensnared and/or you want to deal with future risks of ensnarement. This valuable Assistance Package is available for the introductory discounted price of just US $ 30 and is provided by email as an easy to understand sound file.

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