A Bowl of Cherries



I have an Inner Circle Friend. He is what people would generally regard as a ‘good man’. He is older than me, not old enough to be a father. More of the younger uncle who is solid but enjoys a little spice to his life. He tackles fraud in government organisations, enjoys a beer, loves his sport, a keen family man, devout and plays a part in his local church, plays musical instruments, writes poetry and every Saturday he picks up the shopping and spends an hour chatting with a housebound friend of his. He and I enjoy Italian food and a good debate as we set the world to rights. He enjoys a fierce discussion and it is all good fuel but there is never any grudge afterwards, even when I have twisted and spun in order to avoid conceding a particular point. Every time we meet up he always begins by reminding me that my life is a bowl of cherries.

“Yes HG it is bowl of cherries. Look at you. An educated man with many friends, good job, well-read, able to do as he pleases and you travel. You organise your time so you can spend time with lots of people and most of all the girls. Holy Toledo, the girls. You get through them and no mistake but you are never troubled by it are you? Sometimes I wish I was single and younger so I could join you in these adventures. You are a man comfortable in his own skin. I can see that and this means you are able to have a life which is a bowl of cherries.”

I always enjoy this little speech of his. It is important to people to recognise my elevated position and the rewards that come with it. He never displays any jealousy nor does he judge what I do (albeit of course he does not know it all). He regards my behaviours as ‘hi-jinks’ and ‘ capers’ . The preserve of the younger man with the world at his feet. I will relay the latest tale of my activities as he sips from his rioja. He laughs and shakes his head as I detail to him what I have been doing, but he is never alarmed by what I tell him. He is a big believer in living life to the full, seizing opportunities and setting the world alight. All of which I naturally do. There is only topic where he passes comment in a slightly adverse way. Children.

“So HG,” he will begin before swallowing more of his wine and lighting yet another cigarette if we are dining at his house,”when can we expect some children? All these ladies and you cannot tell me that they do not want a little HG to share the cherries with?”

“Maybe one day,” I lie since I have no intention of having any children. He is unaware I took care of that some time ago.

“Well you are in your prime so those cherries will keep on appearing, juicy and ripe, but seriously, a man should have children. I have four. Two by each wife. Children are a great comfort. Tells you that someone can bear you if they want to carry your offspring, they give you something to strive for, something to live for and then you have a legacy as you see them go into the world making their own way.”

I smile and allow him to say all of this. I hear it each time that we meet up.

“You must have met the right lady by now, surely? You have no problem attracting them with your big bowl of cherries now do you?”

“True enough but there is so much to do and sharing those cherries isn’t really on the agenda.”

“Come now,” he smiles, “you have more than enough and you should share. You should be showering your gifts on someone special and your offspring. It is the right thing to do. You have no need to worry, my lad, about sharing those cherries you know. You always have a bowl full and if you share a few around then you will always be able to pick some more won’t you?”

“There is never enough though and I have to be careful you know, there are too many who would steal my cherries from me and leave me with nothing.”

“No there isn’t,I have told you before, the cherries are there to share, not to hoard. You need to listen to me. Share and keep picking.”

I smile and let him continue with his monologue about cherries and children. He is right though I am the cherry picker. I am up on high,elevated above everything else around me and I reach those places that the little people can never reach. I can move from side to side, up and down and ensure that I always obtain the tastiest and most succulent cherries before anybody else. I can see them dark red and with that polished lustre just waiting to be picked by me and me alone. So many out there to collect in order to try and fill my bowl. If only I could figure out some way to plug the hole in my bowl, maybe then I might just be tempted to share.


15 thoughts on “A Bowl of Cherries

  1. Ren says:

    On cherries.

    They are my favourite fruit but they are always so expensive. And fiddly to get the damn stone out and seeing the MME broke my stoner (which is inself a contradiction in terms), I’m now at a bit of an impasse, cherry wise.

    I dont think the older friend was being overtly patronising I think he was being avuncular.

    One day, oh 15 or more years ago, I embroidered pretty much the same picture for my Father. Took fricking ages and my eyes went dizzy at all the variation in reds and pinks. Still, I liked it. No idea where it is now.

    The avuncular friend has it right. Reminds me of a song from childhood.

    Love is like a magic penny.

    Hold it tight and you wont have any.

    Lend it spend and you’ll have so many that they are rolling out over the floor.

  2. Empath007 says:

    I like this story…. I think you like him HG. Whether your cold heart will Admit it or not haha.

  3. Leela says:

    Sorry for spoiling the party, but I´m not a fan of people who think they can tell others what to do! I´m a big fan of tolerance and the good old “live and let live”! If someone doesn´t want children: Okay! If someone likes to live promiscous: alright! If someone wants spouse, family, house, garden: power to them! I hate it when people tell others what to do and how they should live. 🙁 The lifestyle and decision of others is none of my business. Some people should just mind their own business. 🙁

    1. Empath007 says:

      Ya, it depends on the delivery
      And purpose of the concern. Often people have a hint of judgement along with their “suggestion” there is this way of elevating themselves by putting the other persons decisions down.

      Then there are times people have a geniune concern for someone else, and a desire for them to have happiness, as they feel happiness should be. Generally we can tell which place it’s coming from.

  4. Summer says:

    U share priceless cherries with us that we can get nowhere else 😊

    1. HG Tudor says:


  5. truthseeker6157 says:


    I stumbled across a YouTube interview today that you did with Ask The Young One. It was a lengthy interview. I thought your explanations were excellent as they always are. The thing that struck me more though was the way you interacted with the interviewer. He was struggling in parts, but you bridged the gaps and gently led the interview. He was also clearly emotional about his own experiences, you handled that with sensitivity. It was touching actually. Just thought I’d let you know, for what it’s worth, I think you did a really great job.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you all I did was, as usual, deliver the truth and accurately, there was no sensitivity from me, just learned behaviours. Interestingly, when it first came out some people criticised me because he was clearly upset about what had happened to him, I could only determine that from his voice as I could not see him as he recorded as it was at distance through the internet, so apparently there were times when he was upset but only demonstrated that visually and not orally.

      1. truthseeker6157 says:

        I think perhaps some people like to criticise, due to the simple fact of who you are. They won’t necessarily think about the value of the information being conveyed. Like the attacks you take in here from someone who doesn’t read the information, who just comes in to name call. Yes, you could clearly only hear him rather than see him, I picked up on that. You did very well.

        Point taken about the sensitivity. Noted.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Indeed TS, there are those who cannot look beyond what I am, although it is clear what such individuals are from their subsequent behaviour. Most people recognise the unrivalled value of what they have access to.

  6. lickemtomorrow says:

    Such a poignant post. Those cherries that he sees are the ones that satisfy.

    Plenty of them, why not share? There will always be more and you are adept at picking them.

    The need to ‘hoard’ is something he doesn’t recognise.

    The fear of scarcity means there can never be enough.

    Just in case.

    I love this story of your friend, your friendship, and how he continues to challenge you. He is coming from a good place and only wants what is best for you. That is a true friend. I do hope your friendship continues.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      We remain friends.

  7. Asp Emp says:

    I understand the reluctance. It’s a choice some people make. It could even be when there’s enough pips to plug the hole in the bowl. Or maybe there’ll never be enough pips….

  8. truthseeker6157 says:

    My life is more the proverbial box of chocolates.

  9. Zoe says:

    No need to plug the hole. Need to make room for the new cherries every season , right?

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