Shane Dawson : A Very Apologetic Narcissist?




Shane Dawson, the “King of YouTube” but have recent events, something dubbed Karmageddon dethroned him?

Have past behaviours caught up with him?

But what is behind his success and his interesting catalogue of behaviours?

Immaturity? Success having gone to his head or is it something else?  Bring forth the Tudorscope!

5 thoughts on “Shane Dawson : A Very Apologetic Narcissist?

  1. Witch says:

    I wasn’t expecting you to cover this but I’m so glad you did.
    I wonder if he will make reaction video or ignore it.
    There was also a video of Shane and his girlfriend showing his child female cousin how to masturbate and laughing at her reaction.
    It wouldn’t surprise me if he would directly touch a child.
    I also believe he partly got himself a boyfriend for “oppression points” .i.e. “I can’t be a bigot because I’m gay” and to find favour again among his LGBT fans. You can gain a huge following on YouTube just by making videos based on a segment of your identity, such as being gay, bisexual or transgender

  2. WiserNow says:

    Something that has occurred to me recently is how narcissists enjoy being ‘destructive’. It must be the negative fuel obtained together with the traits of no remorse, regret or shame about their actions. It’s something they even feel proud of or seem joyful about.

    For instance, in the Tudorscope analysis of Armie Hammer, Armie’s secret instagram account showed his insta name was, ‘el_destructo_86’. Why would you choose a name that made it sound like you pride yourself on how destructive you are? Hammer had fetishes about cannibalism. Why would you ‘enjoy’ thinking about destroying someone and eating them? Here, Shane Dawson openly talks about audiences of child molesters and pedophilia in videos where he is with children and teenagers.

    Aside from the grandiosity, manipulativeness, control etc, there is a distinctly destructive element in a narcissist’s behaviour. Even when they build or create or do ‘positive’ things that have a beneficial effect, there is an element that is innately ‘malevolent’.

    It actually is like they are motivated by ‘evil’. I don’t like using the word ‘evil’ because – to me – it has a religious or otherworldly kind of meaning about it. There must be a scientific or realistic reason behind this motivation for ‘evil’. It’s not only about control because control can be gained with the motivation to do good and to be positive.

  3. WiserNow says:

    Great analysis HG.

    Before listening, I’d never heard of Shane Dawson. Now, after watching one of his videos, and also another video of another YouTuber explaining Dawson’s past ‘transgressions’, I’d say he is an Upper Lesser. Very crude, disgusting behaviour that borders on criminal, with hardly any facade. He is perverted and abusive.

    What strikes me about these kinds of comedy/shock value YouTubers and social media ‘influencers’ is how they build a very large audience of mainly young followers. They attract children and teenagers. It’s disturbing that the ‘anything goes’ sick attitude he openly has was sold/encouraged as funny and popular to an audience that’s easily influenced and inexperienced.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you and fair comment.

  4. NarcAngel says:

    Interesting. Never heard of him and happy to say it will remain that way. I’m sure he’s made millions to salve his wounds and weather the storm.

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