Nothing´s Impossible : Preventative Hoover


nothings impossible

One thought on “Nothing´s Impossible : Preventative Hoover

  1. Asp Emp says:

    Even though my past has been understood because I found my way to KTN & HG’s work, I also got to understand my father as an individual better by being able to see some aspects of which would not have been easy for anyone to explain to me when I was very young. There were things that my father did instead of communicating it verbally. He did things that brought out and allowed me to express emotions ie delight at the many balloons that were in the lounge when I was around 4 or 5. Introducing guinea pigs as pets. So many little yet very important actions that would not have enabled me to ‘learn’ aspects of empathy, even if some of the learning occurred through objects rather than people themselves. My father knew what worked and applied his lateral / analytical methods to teach me, to him, ‘nothing was impossible’. He was a good man, doing a good job, in the way he understood best.

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