Knowing the Narcissist : Matrinarc : Always About Her

2 thoughts on “Knowing the Narcissist : Matrinarc : Always About Her

  1. Asp Emp says:

    This video had me recalling HG’s video ‘Are There More Male Than Female Narcissists?’.

    Even though the main behaviours of those with narcissism has been shared by HG through his work, I would suggest that there are differences (nuances, if you like) between male and female narcissists. I believe this becomes more apparent when people have learned and developed observation skills where the ‘nuances’ can become quite obvious (hahahaha), sometimes, too obvious!!

    I had two females today!! God! They are so bitchy when I am not giving them eye contact. It pisses them off! They start scrabbling, getting antsy!! Stamping their cloven hoof!! Hahaha. Males tend to be less quieter in “getting” the attention they are ‘sniffing’ around for! Yes, stroppy bitches spring to my mind.

    The other week, a female cashier was asking me a question that is the usual question that I now tend to ignore (pretend I didn’t hear, hahaha), as I was paying (using the machine), she turned to her male colleague and tapped him in the back to which he turned and smiled at her and exchanged words – I know it was not about me. She needed to top up the fuel supply that I had reduced by refusing to acknowledge her.

    What adds to their “injury” is that I continue to wear a mask while in supermarket.

    It’s fk all to do with PMT too!!

  2. Asp Emp says:

    Brilliant, brilliant video!

    So validating. The fact I went to boarding school, to be able to “notice” the differences in other parents and their interactions with their children was one large indicator that matrinarc was not “nice”. I knew that beforehand, yet, leaving home at 11 years old was so good for me because I was abused far less often. Yet the damaging “result” was just……..right at his minute, I would suggest that her abuse is far worse than my father’s passing. Maybe that is my ET taking over, momentarily.

    People being shocked when I informed them that I hated matrinarc. Hahahaha. They had no idea! I still hate her, hahahaha. I’m so glad she’s dead too.

    The thing is, if it was not for matrinarc, I would not have been here. I would not have gained the understanding of the hidden aspects of human behaviours. The ‘chaos’ that was in my mind, emotions has now been released and it is not contained in a “cage”.

    Thank you, for the key, HG xxx

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