Psychopath : Retaliation


I am the doer, I am not the done to.


That is the natural order of matters.


I see many as way beneath me. Unworthy of even being in receipt of my malice. It would be a waste of my ability and resources to apply my chaos engine to deal with them. Far better to leave them ignored, for the consignment to indifference sends its own message, leaving such individuals lost in the confusion of not being acknowledged. There are those that are desperate for recognition, even if it is beneath the heel of oppression. Yet, I leave these nobodies untouched for it is more satisfying to have the wails of their neediness in one´s ears as one leaves them floundering, than to give them the beauty of recognition. They are dismissed.


For others they must be taught a lesson. They will come to experience the smack of firm governance, in whatever form that may take. They will be brought to heel, chastised, disciplined and reminded of whose will they bend to. There exists a range of measures that are to be meted out to those that find themselves categorized as such. Yet, for those within this band, they serve some purpose to me. I maintain their existence for they provide me with amusement, a diversion from the lurking ennui. Crushing these individuals is always a possibility but then it snuffs out any possibility of entertainment. It is far more gratifying to cause them to engage in a gallows dance and then cut them down before they expire, allowing precious air to enter their lungs once again. That way, should I deem it necessary to teach them a lesson, they can be strung up once again and subjected to a jerking dance, face congested, eyes bulging, strangulating gasps escaping their twisted mouths and then release. Ah, sweet release from their torture, the realization of their continued existence and the receding of the pain, all by my hand, is quite the spectacle. This group simply find themselves subjected to discipline for I have use of them in my dominion.


For others still however it is my nation state that must bring the full weight of its might against them. There will be no quarter given to those that have caused suitable offence. For those within this grouping there will be no cessation of hostilities, no negotiated ceasefire. I will burn them to ashes and then burn the ashes. There will be no hiding place, no refuge from the incessant onslaught. Those that get in the way of my pursuit of my quarry will find themselves similarly disincetivised. You must not and will not distract from my total pursuit and annihilation of these individuals. Might it be that they could serve some use to me? No, it is beyond a question of use, they forfeited such rights a long time ago and now are branded with the mark of obliteration. The identification of such individuals has them as candidates for destruction. Every facet of their existence must be disintegrated. They must be defeated, deleted and disinfected from the face of the earth.


Nothing less that total hegemonic victory is acceptable in relation to these transgressors whose lives will be extinguished, whose possessions will be broken, burned and scattered to the winds like so much ash. Their connections will be severed, their memories eradicated, their homes razed, their businesses liquidated. Each and every indicator of their existence must be purged in a relentless crusade against the offender. The scale and extent of their eradication is such that the effect is to cause those that knew of them to only risk mention of them by oblique reference or frantic whisper.


The full arsenal will be unleased upon them, a policy of scorched earth, a complete annihilation of the enemy. It is edifying and entirely logical. There can be no seeds of resistance, no sapling of insurgency that remains. Everything must go.


It is only accurate to detail that this outcome is not the most common. The mobilization and expenditure of resources against such a transgressor is substantial. It must be, in order to achieve the required outcome. Accordingly, it is merited in only certain instances. It is not the default action. It is not standard operating procedure. There are lesser campaigns that are utilized against the majority which are entirely effective.


No, it is only in comparatively rare instances where the apocalypse will be brought to the door of my enemy and with the coming of their end, others may fall also. It is necessary and right. There can be no legacy for them.


All of this is planned, calculated and executed. It is not a random assault of a beserker, lashing out at whatever is closest. Far from it. It is the hyper focused application of the chaos engine, deployed with laser precision against the relevant transgressor. Maximum resource allocation to achieve the total outcome. An unleashing of targeted might that leaves nothing standing in the target area.


What prompts such a blitzkrieg you are doubtless contemplating? What possible act merits such a total response by my nation state against the transgressor. What craven behaviours justify such a massive, crushing, destructive force?


It is my retaliation.


Retaliation for what, I hear you query.


You should understand that for the very few of my ilk we apply a very particular type of retaliation.


I get my retaliation in first.



19 thoughts on “Psychopath : Retaliation

  1. Truthseeker6157 says:

    I find this article more confusing than the others. It the title was ‘ Narcissist : Retaliation’ I’d get it more than I do I think.

    “I get my retaliation in first.” This to me says “ I will get you before you get me.”
    It’s definitely antisocial, it also sounds paranoid too though, which I think speaks more to narcissism than psychopathy as paranoia itself is often linked to trauma. Would there be an emotional response to trauma with a psychopath? There would definitely be a threat to control as regards the narcissist and trauma.

    “I get my retaliation in first.” There’s a degree of grandiosity about that I think. The idea that someone can predict with certainty the motivation and behaviour of another. Again it feels like a narcissistic omnipotent kind of grandiosity. I think the psychopathic grandiosity stems more from the psychopath really not caring less about who you are and what you say or do. It appears or is interpreted as grandiosity when in actual fact it’s more to do with the self focus of the psychopath.

    I think the nation state bringing the full weight of its might against a transgressor refers more to Machiavellianism as opposed to the more straightforward manipulative disincentivisaiton that would be used against less problematic opponents. Machiavellianism of itself doesn’t solely equate to psychopathy. It refers to behaviours, it’s a life strategy more than a personality disorder. Anyone could display Machiavellian behaviours, given a particular context so I don’t necessarily link that to psychopathy. I could be quite Machiavellian myself if I was one way out haha! Machiavellianism would alleviate boredom granted. It’s a drawn out strategy that involves game play.

    Getting someone before they get you does point to an abusive upbringing but again that could be a response of any classification of individual to an abusive upbringing, it feels more to do with self preservation than psychopathy necessarily. To strike first in order to prevent being struck hints more at an emotional fear motivated response rather than a wholly logical response.

    I’m not really grasping the psychopathy part of this one.

  2. Anna says:

    Interesting read. Thanks HG.

    My experience is that the psychopath tends to use cold fury. Like an avalanche, no one sees it coming. It engulfs and destroys like an icy blast. Those who survive are left numb afterwards.

  3. Anna Plyance says:

    It’s more of a pre-taliation, isn’t it?
    You know, of course, that scorched earth has a tendency to turn into uncontrolled lush green very quickly. There can be a better chance of shaping the landscape and eradicating unwanted growth with the planting of the right trees or other plants in the appropriate places. Of course it will not be nearly as entertaining or satisfying to you at first as your beloved fire, but you need fewer resources and you are possibly influencing outcomes for much longer. Just watch while nature runs its course. Why waste your time and talents on them and make them more important than they are? If they are so stupid as to offend you so gravely, surely they will be stupid enough to cause their own downfall. It seems to me that the destroyers are often remembered more for the things they have destroyed than for themselves.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Milton Keynes puts paid to your theory.

      1. Anna says:

        HG- Milton Keynes puts paid to your theory.


      2. Anna Plyance says:

        Could you find it in your heart to explain to a pitiful foreigner how Milton Keynes puts paid to it?

        1. HG Tudor says:

          I recommend you do a bit of reading about the place and you will work it out.

          1. Anna Plyance says:

            MK was never the “problem” (don’t like roundabouts do you?), I was looking for this supposed theory of mine you were talking about, but the penny dropped a bit later, that’s why I brought up Bielefeld. My theory could still be right, give it a bit of time.

      3. Anna Plyance says:

        Never mind, found it. Are you sure MK is not Bielefeld 2.0?

        1. Anna says:

          Bielefeld is far more beautiful that Milton Keynes.

          1. Anna Plyance says:

            Ah, but does it exist?

          2. Anna Plyance says:

            “Bielefeld is far more beautiful that Milton Keynes.” Maybe we should send this to the Bielefeld tourism board, or any town’s tourism board, as a slogan. On the other hand, as far as I am aware, nobody has invited friendly bombs to fall on Milton Keynes yet.

  4. Jordyguin says:

    “I get my retaliation in first.“ 

    KHG clue hunters, are you reading this? Is it a coincidence or is there a 99, another new clue regarding HG’s number 1909. 

    From talkSport⚽️ : Fighting fire with fire: The 99 call. 

    „Get your retaliation in first,” Willie John McBride, captain of the famous 1974 Invincibles, told his team-mates. It was a simple instruction: when you hear the abbreviated emergency call – shouted if a team-mate was in trouble – simply smash the nearest South African to you. The referee could not send off the whole team, reasoned the skipper. The opposition didn’t like it and as the Lions continued to play them at their own game, as well as some magnificent rugby of their own, the 99 call has gone down in history. The touring team of bankers, solicitors and farmers left South Africa with a series win for the first time there in 78 years, going the entire three months unbeaten and only a disallowed Fergus Slattery try in the fourth Test denied the side a 100 per cent record, as they were forced to settle for a 13-13 draw.“

    „13-13 draw“  ! 

    The publishing date for this article (in my inbox) is:

    13.10.2023, 19:31

    13 :   mirror  : 31 

    …Coincidences? If so, it’s quite cool! 

    * * * 

    A fascinating article with further intense intricacies! 

    You’re the best teacher one could wish for! Thank you for continuing this series!   

    1. HG Tudor says:

      You are welcome.

    2. Rebecca says:


      This article did bring to mind those select group of people, HG mentions in his Knowing HG Series, and I’d hate to be on HG’s annihilation list. Xx

  5. Enthralled says:

    What came to mind as I read this (admittedly my creative nature rose its head to infer possible senerios = ‘Live by the sword. Die by the sword.’

    Maybe RB is not so paranoid after all 😉

  6. WhoCares says:

    Thank-you HG for sharing your inner world and motivations.
    I have a question about those who are marked for “obliteration.” Is this the same as the group encompassed in DOLUS MALUS, or is it a broader group who can expect to be obliterated?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      It is a broader group.

      1. WhoCares says:

        Thank-you, HG.

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