Welcome to Knowing the Narcissist.

I am H G Tudor. I am a narcissistic sociopath (some state psychopath – this remains a matter of debate by the profession concerning the current application of sociopath or psychopath).

By my terminology I am a Greater Elite Narcissist. You will learn here what that means along with all about the other types of narcissists and empaths too.

I convey this is an effective manner based on my perspective. I know what I am and I know the best way to communicate this to you. I am a very effective communicator.

I write extensively about what this means and what I am. I have practised this dark art for many years, I have honed and crafted my abilities. I am aware of what I am and I am engaged in understanding why I am this way and why I act as I do. I am sharing these ongoing revelations.

I know my kind in considerable detail. I have several family members who are narcissists and have engaged with numerous in my life. I know the way my kind think, why we act as we do, say what we say and so much more. I understand why we target our victims and how we go about it. I comprehend why our victims think and act as they do. I have had many, watched many and listened to many. This allows me to build a formidable body of knowledge about not only my kind, but the people we engage with.

I am currently engaged in treatment which has been forced upon me. As part of this treatment and because I enjoy writing, I have been encouraged to share my knowledge. This is to engender a greater awareness of what I am on my part and also to allow the world an unrivalled view of the mind and actions of a narcissistic sociopath.

I do this because I like to write. I like to interact with people. I want to be the number one source for the reality of how my kind think and behave. I also find the weaponising of empaths and having them go into battle with my kind entirely in accordance with my worldview.

I do not do this for fuel. I do gain some fuel from the comments but since those who comment are tertiary sources (see the book Fuel for more) it is not significant. I gain far more fuel in my interactions in my private life.

I am direct. I do not speak in scientific terms. I welcome enquiring minds and those who want answers. I will give them to you. You will not gain understanding like this from anywhere else. I encourage you to read my articles and extensive collection of books which can be found on Amazon. I encourage you to contribute, ask questions and offer your own views. I read everything that is submitted to me and answer all questions, thus if your post does not appear straight away, please understand that it is in moderation and is either receiving or awaiting my attention.

The number of comments and hits are testament to the need for my knowledge and the huge usefulness many people have found from it. You will too.

Welcome on board. You will now Know the Narcissist.

HG Tudor




310 thoughts on “About”

      1. Exactly HG, as I asked previously in youtube, I wonder, if your mother and uncle are narcisissts themselves, how can they forced it upon you? Aren’t they the ones who need help themselves?


      2. When you said you are ‘forced to do good things’, there’s something cute about it. Hmm…. there is something tantalizing about bad boys who are forced to do good things, rather than bad boys who continue to do the crimes.

        (do you know hot convicts ‘Jeremy Meeks’?)

        It reminds me of an episode in Xena the Warrior Princess, loong time ago. In this episode, there was a young man who created trouble all the times (like Pollyanna) in order to create his ‘self-identity’. But somehow he could never be bad enough or mean enough. So he looked like a peon.

        But then at the end of the story, Xena had an idea for him, what about be a ‘bad man who’s pretending to be good’? (rather than be a ‘good man who pretends to be bad’)

        And this young man liked the idea. So then he switched, now he did good things, but he knows that he’s “evil inside” and he’s “only pretending”…… 😀


      3. This one is for HG: You said your mother is a narcissist, and you do this therapy thing so you can get inheritance from her.

        Don’t trust her too much. Narcissist loves to betray. I tell you this, so you won’t get shock, if in the last minute of her life, your mother would change her will and give her money to a dog charity, instead of you.

        My take is, if you do this healing therapy thing, please do it for yourself. Don’t do it for money, inheritance, or whatever your “aim” is.

        If you are betrayed again for the second time, when you are trying to heal, it will totally crush you to the ground, and erase your hope for healing.
        Many narcissists who have gone through this, end up a bigger, nastier, crueler, bitterer narcissists.

        If I were you, I would detach myself from them. Tell them they are losers, and this is your life, you want to heal, because you know you still have hope to heal and they don’t.

        Don’t let yourself attached to material possession. Heal because you want to heal.


      4. Thank you for your input but you need not be concerned, I do not trust anybody and I have ensured that I have other means of securing the outcome if there is any attempt to renege.


    1. How naive she obviously is. I fell for a bad boy and he excited me so much. I left him 7 months ago and he’s still trying to reel me back in, trying every tactic in the book. Trouble is for a moment of excitement they’ll chew you up and spit you out! It’s never worth it. I almost sacrificed myself to that man. He liked rough sex and had his hands on my throat, I told him to squeeze harder and harder and almost thought I would die. They are very seductive and I was under his spell. I don’t think they are evil but do possess some kind of power over people. It’s sexy but dangerous. I’m glad I met him but I now know what is truly good for me and it’s not that. I did love that man very much but from everything I’ve read he obviously couldn’t have loved me like he said he did 😦


  1. sorry you went through that brokenlady. I meet one after the other lol. Not just in a partner form either…..flatmates, ‘friends’ (some whom have been my friends for a long time and suddenly the mask drops), women….they are freakin everywhere. I’ve had a 5 year reign of them…but I’ve earnt my Masters Degree! I believe they are evil to the core…and actually…where I’m at now…I don’t believe they are human. What makes us human is a conscience and this is what these things dont possess. I’m researching down these lines now. The only time they have a spell over me is in the lovebombing stage….but I’ve always been a hopeless romantic & this has been a big learning curve for me. I now have a strong boundary up so as I dont get lured in in that stage. The last partner (online rel) sucked me in but I was very aware of what was happening & watching for the red flags of which there were many. After 6 months of seeing to many flags I dumped him as I left one weekend and then blocked him…he will never hear from me again. And knowing what I know regarding dumping a narc, I sit here with a smirk on my face knowing that I’ve narc assaulted him and he’s writhing in pain. Works both ways aye? 😉 And whilst the narc gets off on us being fuel…….I get off on 1/ Not allowing the narc to control & use me as fuel and 2/ the growth that can only come from brushing up against these things. What I have learnt about myself during a lifetime of narcs has been phenomenal & I wouldn’t change it for anything 🙂

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    1. I’m sorry for you to. Thanks for your really insightful reply. That has helped me very much. I’ve been so naive worrying how he is and feeling guilty when he says he misses me and wanted me forever. I imagine him lonely and waiting for me but that’s probably not the case. I expect he’s annoyed I got away. He’s annoyed he hasn’t the gallons of fuel I poured into him daily. I will take a leaf out of your book and learn from that experience. Realise he broke me down and broke my heart so it’s karma if he’s hurting now. I was stupid thinking he can’t help how he is. To a certain extent it’s his horrible mothers fault but I’m sure at some degree they know what they are doing. I’m sure they could stop hurting their loved ones if they chose to stop?? Maybe not. I’d love to know exactly how they tick and if my ex can help hurting women like he does. HG please help


  2. I didn’t ask you to change what you said. I simply stated that it was sickening watching a ‘victim’ go legs up over one of these things. Oooooo you’re such a bad boy *flutters eye lashes*. Get real, these people cause unbelievable damage…..get on to a Narc victims site and see what those people go thru. Makes me sick to be honest!!


    1. @Mandy It makes you sick, because you don’t understand what I meant. What you described as “flutters eye lashes”, etc., is not what I meant at all. The opposite is true.

      What I mean is, this bad boy has to be forced to do the right thing, and pay all the consequences of their actions. Now that’s cute.

      But bad boy who get away with the crime, or just pay partial punishment (e.g. OJ Simpson, who has ladies correspondence with him in prison), are not sexy to me.

      Only the ones who has completely remorseful, pay all the consequences, and apologize to all their victims are cute. Because that means they have power, but they don’t abuse it.


  3. Do narcs love their children? I am confused as my ex narc always said “I love you” to our children whether it was saying good night or leaving for school. He walked out on us and our children don’t want to anything to do with him. How can he walk out if he really loved his kids? And furthermore he hasn’t done any leaps and bounds to repair the fractured relationship he crested with our boys. Texting and calling just isn’t enough for them. But I think he only loves himself but yet hates the person he is. He cannot control himself and he cannot control his kids or me so he’s gone AWOL. Did he ever really love us?


      1. That’s heartbreaking but you have to remember they can’t help it. They have no emotional capacity to feel love. I feel for you and your children but if you explain this I’m sure they’ll understand. My ex narc said he didn’t want children, probably as he knew he couldn’t care for them and it takes the limelight off them! My ex said he knows he’s not a nice person but flirts and makes other women fall for him! They don’t like themselves but if they get so much validation from others maybe that makes them feel maybe they are likeable. He needed constant approval and compliments, it’s so draining isn’t it? I wish I could have helped him and had the relationship he told me we had. It was just a dream I’m sure he really believed was true. I wish I understood completely. HG… is there anything I can do for him? Can he be happy without me? He says not..
        He wants to marry me??


  4. What like? Should I stay away or can I have a good relationship with him if I do certain things right? I don’t want him flirting with other women but I doubt he’d stop because I asked him. What is the cost to me? Also what will he feel inside for losing me? I hate feeling like ive abandoned him


    1. If you try to remain in a relationship with our kind as IPPS you will just have to make repeated compromises until we dis-engage. You are better served by no contact.


      1. 😢 I really love him. He says he wants to marry me and he loves me. Why? Why after 8 months is he still trying to get me back. I thought if he felt nothing he’d leave me alone by now. We had some great times, I don’t get why he’d mess that up. Could he be low on the narcissitic scale ? He doesn’t seem as bad as some. He has a nice kind side, he does a lot for other people and has such a great sense of humour like mine. We laughed so much. I miss him so much


      2. He is doing it foe fuel. Of course you miss him, that is how you are meant to feel. I have no doubt you love him, but the person you love is not him.


  5. BrokenLady, join a support group for victims experiencing the same thing. There is nothing you can do….the hard cold fact is he doesn’t love you or anyone else. How long do you want to stay on the merry go round? He will have supply elsewhere…. and you are also giving him fuel by staying in contact. You weren’t the first or the last you were simply next…and the same will go for his next victim. Go no contact and concentrate on healing yourself. All the best.

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    1. Thank you for the advice. I joined a support group and they were quite mean I thought. The general thinking was that narcissists are evil and demonic! One man claiming to be a narcissist said he knows what he is and was made that way by his mother. He says it’s not his fault. I can understand that. I just felt so close to my ex, ,I asked other exs of his and none of them said they laughed that much together and he’s never asked any of them to marry him like he did mention. He saved a song for his soul mate (me) he told a few of his exs he had a song he was saving for his soul mate but never listened to it with them but he did with me. He has done dodgy stuff but generally he did good stuff for me. I would stay if it wasn’t for his harem! I am very confused right now 😦


  6. 😢😢 I have read that therapy can help if they want to change. How do you feel about that? I have also read they have abandonment issues. I don’t want him hurting so what can I do to stop him hurting?


    1. May I suggest that you read more of the material on this blog and also my books so you gain further understanding. You are at a stage whereby you are clinging to hope that things can change for the better and you can help him. This is understandable and is most common. Indeed, it is for this reaction you are targeted. You are better served by reading further because at this juncture you will only keep asking questions over and over in the hope of getting the answer you want. That is not going to happen here. You need to understand exactly what you are dealing with and that is a narcissist who does not know what he is and therefore will not change. Once you have understood this, you will alter the nature of your questions brokenlady.


  7. BrokenLady….you are buying into his bullshit. Love does not look like the way he is treating you….and confusion is a MAJOR red flag. Don’t forget…..they all call us their soulmate……I have had 3 of them write and produce amazing songs for me. The lovebombing stage is incredible….ALL us victims experience it and all narcs do the love bombing to Trauma Bond us. You are Trauma Bonded…..protecting him and protecting the ‘love’ you thought they had. He will be off wooing some other kind soul as we speak. You are still in denial….and not wanting to face the facts. Do some research on Trauma Bonding AND Cognitive Dissonance…because that’s what you are doing now. You are in love with the illusion pure and simple. I know its hard…been there several times but once you understand the chemical reactions that are screaming around your body right now…and research the two subjects I mentioned above you will have a better chance of fighting in. I hope you find your peace. Much love x

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      1. Brokenlady,
        I am at the same stage like u. I have no idea what actually happened, and even though so many things seem to be showing rather clearly that he has pretty strong narcissistic traits, if not being full blown narcissist, i don’t get at all how it can be that a person who opened me up to the world, helped me in so many ways, was very generous financially (which I am completely not used to and had troubles to receive all what he gave me), i saw him helping others too….how this can be the very same person who finally treated me according to his mood and finally blamed me for everything.
        He was my closest person, my best friend, my soulmate…the only one i ever met. I read a lot recently about narcissism, though i somehow cannot figure out if he really was a narcissist, i have no idea how to find out now. I just feel emptiness, fear and like i can never trust any living soul, nor open up to anyone. And most of all, that my whole idea about real soulmates is just a crap 😢


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