You have been ensnared romantically by a narcissist and you finally realised. You escaped or following your disengagement, you resisted the attempts to hoover you back into the ensnarement at a later stage. Well done.

You have decided it is time to start dating again. You feel you know and understand about our kind but you remain at a substantial risk, despite the knowledge you have accumulated. Do not fall prey to thinking that you can spot a narcissist at a hundred paces and avoid being ensnared again. Sometimes the narcissist is harder to spot than you think and even if you do spot him or her, you are vulnerable owing to the impact of your emotional thinking surging and blinding you to the red flags and the warning signs.

You are an empathic individual and therefore you will always attract our kind. Your earlier ensnarement also risks ‘tenderising’ you to further ensnarement. You need to take steps to address these susceptibilities.

Your objectivity evaporates and the knowledge you may have required becomes useless in the light of the impact of your emotional thinking. You need to build Logic Defences and have the input of a dispassionate and distanced expert who can aid you in ascertaining whether Mr Right is actually Mr Wrong or Miss Desirable is really Miss Take.

For a fee of US $ 50 (paid using the PayPal button BELOW) I will either

  1. Analyse your current dating situation to identify red flags and the level of risk posed to you so you can make a decision unaffected by the warping impact of emotional thinking ; or
  2. Provide you with a set of techniques which will enable you to create Logic Defences so that when you date you will massively reduce the effects of emotional thinking so you can make informed decisions about the person you are dating so you either get out and evade a narcissist or you have the green light that you are engaging with a healthy individual.

They key to successful dating and a happy love life is not about attracting the right person but is all about ensuring you avoid the WRONG person – the narcissist.

The Process

  1. Effect payment using the PayPal button below.
  2. I will contact you by e-mail inviting you to make your choice with regard to one or two and provide a common sense protocol governing our interaction.
  3. If option one, you submit your circumstances limited to 1200 words and I will analyse this and respond with an audio file with the outcome of my expert analysis to assist you.
  4. If option two, you will be provided with detailed information about how to build your Logic Defences and how to proceed in ensuring that you are protected.
  5. Turnaround will be 48-96 hours.