Text Defender – Don’t Be Tempted To Text Back

Receive this Text Defender to use as your ‘phone wallpaper to ensure that you avoid temptation and maintain your No Contact Regime.

If you have not managed to change your cell/mobile number and/or the narcissist still manages to send you those highly tempting text messages, deploy this as part of your defences so you have HG Tudor by your side and reminding you to stay firm and resist temptation.

Should that text arrive (or any electronic message) from the narcissist, rely on this as your wallpaper to assist you in maintain your no contact regime and resisting the temptation to reply.

For just US $ 5 (use the PayPal button below) you will receive this effective reminder to use as the wallpaper on your ‘phone.

The wallpaper image will be e-mailed to you (minus the watermark) for use by you along with a short governing protocol with regard to the use of the image.

Resist temptation and build this into your defences!

Text Defender