No Spring Skips its Turn

There is a person who occupies that place of the discarded victim who has condemned herself to an ongoing and perpetual campaign of punishment. This person bears the name of Andrea, a traitorous, seditious and disloyal harlot who was given the world by me and chose to instead let me down. She now walks clothed in betrayal, the mark of her perfidy branded on her forehead and the stench of treachery that follows her wherever she goes. She was once feted and worshipped. She once stood high on that pedestal as I provided her with everything that she wanted. She was the last of those individuals who come bearing false witness to their powers of fuel provision. She promised so much yet she spoke with a forked tongue for,like others before her, she failed to maintain that which was required. She let me down. Not only did she commit that despicable act whereby she lessened her admiration and adoration so that the fuel she once gave so brightly and so deliciously now tasted stale and became a mere drizzle rather than a pouring torrent, but she took her betrayal once step further. She had the audacity, the reckless cheek and sheer disgusting duplicity to not only diminish this supply of fuel but then she brought about its cessation.

Had I not given her everything? Was I not everything that she ever wanted? Of course I was and more besides, yet no matter what I provided it ultimately proved not enough. I knew that she sought to usurp her kind, she wanted to topple me from my exalted throne but she was not strong enough. I had my new queen, in Kim, someone whose fuel far exceeded that of Andrea and she proved able and capable of sustaining me. Of course Andrea’s attempt to distance herself from me once she knew she had been uncovered as the charlatan that she was had to be addressed. She put in place all those steps to prevent my tendrils from seeking her out. She changed-mails, changed mobile number, stayed shuttered within the citadel of her office, high up from the reach of those below and even moved from where she lived. She made no attempt to contact me, to express her shame and sorrow at what she had done and this lack of remorse and her failure to account for her most disgusting treason brought about the need to make her account. It was necessary to have her narrow and weasel-like face held so she could look upon her reflection and see what she really was, a harpy, a slattern and a scarlet woman.

She resisted by seeking refuge in anonymity and disappeared from social media. She was never seen at the haunts we once frequented and vanished from her gym, her hairdresser’s and florists. The last surprised me perhaps most of all as I knew she had such a love for flowers, always delighted when each Friday I brought her a new bouquet and she lovingly placed the lilies, the roses, the carnations and so on in a vase. Her home was always alive with a floral scent and each room bore testament to her love of flowers as did her carefully tended garden, both front and rear. I delighted in the pain it must have caused her in order to leave those gardens behind. It was her own fault however. She was to blame for her behaviour and she had to suffer the consequences.

Yet for all her attempts at becoming invisible and she made a good attempt at doing so, I know that she and the others can never escape me. Accordingly, it was not long before my Good Lieutenants through their searching and probing obtained for me her new address. I dispatched my Lieutenants to cause her havoc in a multitude of ways form the minor to the less so and all without her being able to detect who was carrying out these acts of punishment although I knew that she was entirely aware of who the puppet master was. After each successful report from my Lieutenants I was able to feel the power flow through me at her reaction to the latest inconvenience that my underlings had applied to her. I do not want her back. I gave her that chance, even, after her treachery but she resisted that opportunity by fleeing as she did and thus her chance at returning to my grace and favour was denied to her and always will be. Her impertinence and betrayal offend me gravely and thus whilst I have no interest in allowing her to return to my golden largesse, I shall continue to let her know of her treason. She will be reminded regularly, tormented and tortured as punishment for her foul sedition.

This ongoing campaign came to mind today as I looked upon a host of daffodils as I walked. Given her love of flowers I arranged last October for my Lieutenants to organise a surprise for her. I knew she had gone on holiday in the half-term and with her house unoccupied and shielded from the gaze of neighbours and passers-by as a consequence of fence and hedge, my Lieutenants attended her property. Even they had been seen they would have just been regarded as gardeners. She loved the Spring with the change of scent in the air, the promise of growth and re-birth and the joy of seeing the first croci and tulipsย lead the way before the blooming of flora gathered pace. Accordingly, my Lieutenants planted many bulbs under her lawn and re-turfed it so that come the Spring a delightful message would be clearly spelt out to her once those bulbs had grown and bloomed. One day she would open the curtains from her bedroom and look outside on a floral tribute to her treachery and this day will soon be upon her. Which flower did I choose to convey this message? Would it be the primrose, the sweet violet or perhaps the Lenten Rose? No, it had to be the daffodil. I will let you work out why.

57 thoughts on “No Spring Skips its Turn

  1. JB says:

    Ah wow, I never knew that about daffodils being called that! They are one of my favourite flowers too, how ironic!

  2. Noname says:

    Daffodil is called a “Narciss” in my native language.

    White daffodil has always been my favorite flower since early childhood. Aloof, pure, proud, tender. And scent… soft, ethereal, elusive. Perfection.

    When I learned about narcissism (I was 21 or 22), I laughed hard. I realized that Narciss is not only my favorite flower, but my fate also. I’ve always been surrounded by Narcs. Family members, husbands, friends, colleagues. Fortunately, our affection to each other has always been mutual. Perfect.

    1. Milkweed says:


  3. Somanyquestions says:

    What is SMQ??

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Your name.

      1. Anna says:

        Indeed. People are too lazy to spell the whole name out. In general humans are lazy, so they make abbreviations. It leads to much confusion and is awful, but that is sadly the way it is my dear somanyquestions (SMQ).
        I myself prefer not to abbreviate. I find it abhorrent.

  4. Somanyquestions says:

    HG….The fuel you obtain by abusing or punishing another does not heal your wounds of the abuse you suffered. You perpetuate YOUR abuse. Only LOVE can give you what you desire. Fuel runs out. Love does not. Quit beating your head against the same wall. You must stop looking in the wrong direction for revenge. Your revenge is RECOVERY and living WELL without the need fto waste your energy on the one that brought you this pain.YOUR ABUSER wins when you keep recalling and repeating in your head what they have done to you. YOU choose to keep shooting yourself over and over. YOU are CHOOSING to keep traumatizing yourself. Quit living in the past. There is truly no recovery there. Move through the pain. Break down. Cry. Release yourself from this negative and out of the pain. Accept LOVE. YOU deserve LOVE HG!!! YOU choose NC. Wouldn’t that be the best revenge? For this person to see you TRULY happy not giving them a second thought? Not a pretend happiness but REAL happiness?? IT REALLY DOES HEAL. Choose YOU. Choose the light HG. YOU deserve to be healed but YOU have to choose it. When I say change YOU it is NOT an insult. It doesn’t mean you are wrong. It means there is a better way for YOU. How LONG will you allow YOUR abuser to control you? Find the light. Choose healing. Much love.

  5. Somanyquestions says:

    You win!!! Yay!! NOT. I bet that she has remained no contact. If not she WANTS no contact with you. You lose either way. What is the point to your revenge? This cannot restore your broken soul OR your relationship. You might think it can, but LOVE is the only way out. You will find it again. Quit your tall tantrums and put your beautiful writing, your mind , heart , and soul into finding your way out of this chaos in your heart. YOU already know the way out. The answer Is to change YOU. Forgiveness is not for others, it is for YOU. Release yourself from the anger and forgive the person who wronged you. Forgive YOURSELF. Love YOURSELF enough to change. Quit hating yourself and KNOW you are worthy of LOVE. Write about your HEALING. You deserve love HG. LOVE YOURSELF!!

    1. HG Tudor says:

      She has tried to SMQ but not succeeded. The point in revenge was fuel which I obtained and also ensuring she knows that she must be punished for her treachery.

      Thank you for your kind sentiments.

  6. Somanyquestions says:

    Well HG what was the message? And did you get a reaction?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      The message was ‘whore’ and one of my spies watched her pulling up the flowers in her dressing gown.

  7. Maddie says:

    Obviously its also narcissus flower. ..but You know that x

  8. Maddie says:

    from the flowers you have mentioned only daffodils come as bulbs babe ;); I wonder whether there was a message “written” with them?

  9. Debbie says:

    H.G. Clarece just used rational thinking, logic. In your world there is no logic therefore no defeat. I would venture to guess that if there was a wooden stake driven through your heart, your dying words would be,” I won”. In your world, you did.
    I wonder can you humor me for a moment? Lets pretend that she just sees the beauty of the flowers and does not link this to you. Can you imagine a scenario where you lose?

    1. malignnarc says:

      I would only lose if she did not see the message but I know that she will. You are correct. My logic is different to yours. I must win, there is no hope for anything else.

      1. mlaclarece says:

        Winning = Power = Fuel so the opposite would be
        Losing = Weakness = Empty Tank

    2. mlaclarece says:

      Debbie! You just said I used rational thinking. Do you know how long it’s been since I’ve heard that? This makes you my new best friend! Lol

  10. A says:

    Dying to know the “message”

    1. malignnarc says:

      When I know they have bloomed and she has seen it, I shall let you know.

      1. Somanyquestions says:

        Did she see your message? What was it?

        1. HG Tudor says:

          She did see it.
          The message was ‘whore’

  11. alexis2015s says:

    Hahah my husband once made a beautiful card for his mother on mothersday using real narcissus flowers. We didn’t know what she was back then, no wonder she didn’t like the card !! And there was us just thinking it was because we hadn’t spent mountains of money on her !

    How fitting – thanks HG !!

    1. malignnarc says:


  12. fool me 1 time says:

    Ha, ha. But of course you are ! As long as there is fuel you’ll be there! I’m sure your even in places that your not even aware about yet. X

  13. fool me 1 time says:

    Only you would pick my favorite spring flower and make it about you! Narcissist I mean Narcissus! Smh. Happy spring HG. Xo

    1. malignnarc says:

      I am everywhere as you know Fool Me.

      1. T. says:

        I’d be happy if someone planted those beautiful yellow flowers in my garden! Yellow flowers…any kind…are my favorites!

        So, Andrea was disloyal? She was discarded….when a man throws a woman away more than twice…it’s smart for her to quit answering his calls.

  14. mlaclarece says:

    Clever, clever. Do I dare speculate with Andrea, based on the info you gave, that there wasn’t the usual push / pull with hoovers? She figured you out and successfully went 100% NC and never looked back? Not only is that completely inspiring, if I was Andrea and woke up to see Daffodils blooming, I’d feel as giddy as Scrooge on Christmas morning! I would know I took your precious fuel and how much it bothered you to go to all that trouble. I win! And winning is very important with the Narcissus.

    1. malignnarc says:

      No, she was hovered successfully a couple of times but then maintained the NC but she is a perfidious individual. Believe me she would not feel giddy when she read the floral message and realised I knew where she was.

      1. mlaclarece says:

        You say perfidious because she was stoic enough to maintain NC? You have said that is like the stake thru the heart of a vampire. That was a lot of effort and she got a garden of flowers out of the deal. I still think she won this round my friend!

        1. malignnarc says:

          Nonsense. When she reads the message and knows that I know where she lives she will suffer.

      2. T. says:

        HG….You got what you wanted, right? Adrea out of your life, and you moved on to better? Why make her pay again?

        1. malignnarc says:


    2. divined1va says:

      I hope that in the end she still feels victorious, as you put forth a lot of effort to get her attention. I guess your fuel supply is running low.

      1. malignnarc says:

        My Lieutenants provided the effort, I provided the direction. My fuel supply is strong and potent but some people need to know when they have been disloyal.

  15. Tye says:

    Evil sweet evil. I know you too well
    Discarded now but I do understand

  16. Castiel says:

    Narcissus!!! Oooo…nasty!

    She will never look at those beautiful flowers the same again!!!

    1. malignnarc says:

      Indeed and ten points to you.

      1. Castiel says:

        Don’t suppose you could get your lieutenants to come and returf my lawn could you…It needs doing…but no flowers please!

        1. malignnarc says:

          No problem, don’t be concerned about the two large holes they dig first, I have a couple of ahem rolls of carpet to bury.

          1. Castiel says:

            Ha ha ha ha…well..Whilst they are digging holes…ask them to dig another one for me…I have a certain ahem…narcissus…I need to ‘bury’…Spring is certainly in the air…

          2. malignnarc says:

            Fair enough but the fee will have to increase.

          3. Castiel says:

            What?! and there’s me thinking you’d do it for free!

          4. malignnarc says:

            Everything has its price,you know that Castiel.

          5. Castiel says:

            Indeed I do HG…Indeed I do…

            Do you think you will ever pay the price HG? do you not worry that someone might try and seek serious harmful revenge against you?

          6. malignnarc says:

            No. The people I target are unlikely to ever do that for four reasons. First, there are those who just want to stay away from me as far as possible. Second, they would not do anything criminal as that would contravene their moral compass. Third, they still have feelings for me and would not want to harm me. Fourth, there are those who know better than to try and do something like that given the repercussions. The way I target means that the traits I seek concurs with individuals whose only revenge would be to deny me fuel.

          7. Castiel says:

            hmm…lets hope you don’t meet a bunny boiler then! ๐Ÿ™‚

          8. malignnarc says:

            I won’t and anyhow I do not keep rabbits so safe on two fronts there.

          9. Castiel says:

            ha ha ha…you are hilarious!

            I can’t believe you don’t have rabbits! Maybe you should invest in a furry fluffy creature to snuggle against when your fuel supply is running low…You know that stroking animals can release great amounts of Oxytocin – so you won’t need fuel from people to feel good – if you get yourself a dog, it will be forever loyal and even if you treat it like crap, it will still adore you…you will be the only one!

            I don’t condone cruelty to animals by the way!

          10. malignnarc says:

            I am not an animal love. Or hater.

  17. mkskyblog says:

    Good morning HG.

    1. malignnarc says:

      Good morning Mike and ten points to you.

  18. nikitalondon says:

    All About the Daffodil Flower
    The daffodil is a common flower, and everyone knows that it is. This is a great flower that people love to get because it is such a pretty flower and one that people associate with a particular meaning. There is a tale from Ancient Greece that talks about a man name Narcissus who loved to look at himself, one day when he was looking at himself in a pool of water, he fell in and drown. From his grave, a flower grew and it was the Narcissus, which is the more uncommon name for the Daffodil. This is a flower that represents beauty and you would give this to someone to show that you not only admire them, but that they are the only one.

    1. malignnarc says:

      Ten points to you Nikita and a two point bonus for expanding on the origins.

      1. nikitalondon says:

        Good !!!! im still the same Nerd as in University ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜ƒ

        1. malignnarc says:

          Ha ha.

    2. Anna says:

      Alot of people never heard about “echo” the nymph who loved Narcissus. It is also very interesting to read about her.

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