War Machine



I am a seething bundle of conflict and vitriol. I have my fury churning away ready to be ignited at a moment’s criticism. The song once asked, “War, what is it good for?” My answer would be. Absolutely everything. War is the tool by which I reign and by which you are kept doing what I want. Providing me with compliance and fuel. I am on a permanent war footing because I am red of tooth and claw. I must always be ready to defend myself against your uncalled for and unwarranted attacks which you are prone to launching my way. I do not know why you do this but you always want to put me down, blame me or go one better than me. I cannot understand why you behave this way, not after I do so much for you. Yet you always do it, managing to ignite my fury with your words and actions. I have no choice of course. I have to exert my superiority over you and if I was to ever fail to respond to your attack then I would be doomed. In fact, so used have I become to these unnecessary and gratuitous assaults which you launch against me that I will often launch my own pre-emptive strike designed to keep you in your place. I am in control. I am god of the world I have created for us and you must always remember this. I would much rather not have to do this. I would prefer not to lash you with my vicious tongue, roll out a silent treatment or in the case of the less sophisticated of our kind, subject you to a battering from fists and feet, but you bring it on yourself. You should know by now what I like and what I dislike, yet you infuriate me still by saying and doing the wrong things. I know you do it on purpose because you are trying to assert some kind of power and authority over me. I have no idea why you feel the need to do this because you cannot ever outgun me. I have batteries of malevolent missiles to launch your way, megatons of vicious exploding insults to rain down on you and so much firepower that I could annihilate you a hundred times over.

Yet, notwithstanding my superior armaments you still insist on trying to do me down and thus I have no choice but to smash through your boundaries, exert my control and blitzkrieg you into defeat. You should know that someone like me who is in a permanent state of war-readiness cannot be defeated. In fact, I know that you do know this but you still exhibit some perverted delight in trying to prove me wrong. You should have learned by now that I am always right and you should accept this. Yet you keep trying to correct me or even worse show me up in front of others. It is little wonder that in the face of such provocation that I erupt behind closed doors and steamroller you into submission. You then have the audacity to call me for my unreasonable behaviour when you started it. This is why I truly do think that there is something wrong with you. Any nation that decided to embark on a full-scale war with the might of a superpower such as the USA would be deemed crazy, it would be a self-destructive and suicidal act. Yet, in the same way you see the might of my firepower, my array of gleaming guns, miles of ammunition and battalion after battalion of trauma tanks and you still provoke me. My fearsome fighter planes which unleash their manipulative missiles against you and the squadrons of bombers which are always ready to carpet bomb you with malice into total submission are obvious to see and yet you still insist on engaging in war with me. I am the lord of war; it is what I have been created for. I am always ready for the fight, I am on high alert and in the moment of a murmured insult I launch into action. I am highly-trained and designed for combat. You are not and still you engage me, trying to outflank me and outwit me. You launch trumped-up accusations at me but they will fall short of their intended target and then you will be subjected to the full might of my armies as I strike back. Anybody who would goad a superpower such as myself is clearly insane and your repeated attempts to do this put you firmly in this category. It is only the truth I therefore tell when my propaganda broadcasts to your family and friends point out that you are clearly unhinged. You are. Your repeated attempts to topple me bear testament to this insanity on your part.

Everything about me is designed to defeat you. I am the anointed one. I am the king of this kingdom and can never be usurped. This is why I have been created as the total war machine. I have been designed in this way to always triumph, my ever-ready condition a necessary pre-requisite to crushing any rebellion on your part. Why not for once finally submit to my hegemonic control? Why not recognise that you can never win and submit to my good governance? After all, I only have your best interests at heart. You cannot defeat a machine which is always primed for war. An outbreak of peace will do you the world of good won’t it?

28 thoughts on “War Machine

  1. OakorWillow? says:

    Wow. This is so true. I can hear those phrases coming from my husband’s mouth. “I am God”, “You always want to put me down, blame me or go one better than me”, ” You should have learned by now that I am always right and you should accept this. “, “You then have the audacity to call me for my unreasonable behaviour when you started it. This is why I truly do think that there is something wrong with you” He truly is a war machine. He thrives on war. If there isn’t a war he will create one..

  2. B says:

    Hello Lisa. Good for you! Escaping is the only way to win. I’m learning 😊

  3. B says:

    This is my favorite yet. Absolutely brilliant HG. I am going to print it and read it every time I feel the urge to enter that war zone once again. I will read it 10 times a day if I have to. He told me from the beginning “You will never win” and I can’t even begin to count the number of times I heard “You lose”. It all makes sense now. The only war I will be fighting is the one within myself and when I claim victory that is when I can finally say “I win”.

    Thank you HG. You are the only one who can open my eyes and I will be forever grateful.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you B, you are most welcome, do keep reading.

    2. Lisa says:

      Hi B. I used to hear “I’ll be the last man standing”. Ummm nope. It was I!! (after he had a crushing come down because I escaped him). Ohhh how it gave me great pleasure to remind him of that fact later. I never heard him say it again.

      1. B says:

        Most certainly!

  4. Triad says:


    Whatever you meant to do is not important to us, only how you react. Remember that, to use HG’s words, you are an appliance. Objects do not have intentions. Only what you have that we want is of any importance. All that you have and all that you are, until you are exhausted. Until your own inner dialogue is driven by thoughts of us, we don’t care how. You find great joy in being a mouse running around in a maze, don’t you? Else you wouldn’t serve our kind so readily and with such vigor. You and your kind will continue to submit, of your own free will, that’s why we are the wolves and you are the sheep. Thank goodness for sheep, so many delicious varieties to choose from!

    1. bloody_elemental says:

      Ah, it would seem another one of “us” has joined the fray.

    2. No like button

    3. Hope says:

      They pity your soul. “Hurting people hurt people.” They believe they can offer you a safe place to heal. They have hope for you. They don’t want to give up just because it’s hard, difficult, and painful. They think of how much you must need someone like them who can show mercy when others would quickly give up. They don’t enjoy it. Some may have gotten to used to suffering that it feels like home to them. But if they knew it was hopeless, I don’t think they’d stay.

  5. Lisa says:

    God. Thats it. Thats it exactly!! Who knew?

  6. Seduced says:

    Ok but if You dear G. could understand that if I was a narcissist I would obviously mean to criticise You all the time. but an empath or code pendant I have no such skill nor courage… and yet You would find a to criticise me for cooking the wring dinner or wearing wrong colour. ..panties .. just for fuel… when calculated the negative one is so much stronger and higher comparing to positive one.. there is no joy for us here no matter what… isn’t it????

    1. Hope says:

      What they perceive as criticism you are not aware of. You don’t intentionally provoke them. Their world view conflicts with yours. When you act from your world view (the world is made of many interrelated parts and we must be aware of our cause/effect and work together) and it conflicts with what they view the world as (it revolves around them) you are criticizing them. You are acting like you don’t believe they have the correct interpretation of the world. You’re defying what they believe to be true. What they need to be true, by acting from your truth and not theirs. You criticize them nonstop by living your truth. You just don’t know it. To them, you started it. You provoked.

  7. Victory says:

    You know better HG. An enemy who thinks they have no weaknesses is always defeated. Thank you for the test.

  8. bloody_elemental says:

    This post sent shivers down my spin in the most delicious of ways.

    My sword is at the ready and shall be used to smite those who seek to undo you with their treachery.

    I am a vicious little thing. Just watch me.

    1. Hope says:

      Gross. You may have niche market in erotica.

  9. Sarah says:

    HG, OMG, I worry about this ALL the time. Can you explain the difference between criticism and negative fuel? I was waiting for a good opening and was going to email you about it but find that I like your responses on the blog where everyone can see them and learn from them as well but the last thing I would ever want to do is make up upset but how does one know or how does one define between the lines of “negative fuel” and “criticism” – insights on this are so greatly appreciated…

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Hi Sarah, see the answer given to a similar question on this thread.

    2. Hope says:

      I understand it that challenge fuel (negative fuel) is when you criticize our wound but you provide emotion directly related to that person. So, while wounded they are also fueled so they feel some control but still need to establish control. The wound doesn’t cut as deep. It’s like a slap in the face. It makes you angry. You can’t ignore it. You must address control problems immediately but you’re technically fine. You can sustain a fight.

      Criticism is wounding without fuel. Most of the time you aren’t aware you are criticizing which is why there is no fuel. Criticism cuts deep. The wound must be addressed before control is addressed. They may have to lash out without control to gain fuel and then address how to regain compliance. They may lash out at you If present or anyone around them if you aren’t there. A criticism is anything you do that disputes the person’s truth. What they believe the world to be and how the world is supposed to view them. HG uses the example of “I like the blue shirt better” implying that the belief they look best in everything is false, or being served last at dinner— no matter how logical. This implies they aren’t the most important person on Earth, which they believe they are. You challenge their truth without validating them by providing any emotion regarding them.

  10. Agreeable says:

    I have set off my narc just by asking them to slow down or by questioning where they’re parking. I’ve learned to choose my “critisms” very carefully. I didn’t realize thats how he preceived it until I started my research. The amount of anger is always very disproportionate to the offense. Maybe he’s just an insecure ass?

    1. AH OH says:

      Wow Agreeable.
      So they want a robot?

      1. Hope says:

        If robots had the ability to validate through the expression of emotions. They want complete control of a human. Humans validate but robots are controlled by anyone so they lose the ability to discriminate or validate any one person’s control.

  11. Love says:

    I’ve submitted over and over again. I accept and revel in your hegemonic control. It is my pleasure to serve in your kingdom. This article was not written for me or my kind. I believe it was meant for the ever hopeful and optimistic SEs that you prefer the most. If only they could see that you do not enter a relationship with great visions of love and romance. You see us as competition, enemies. We must surrender or be obliterated. SEs choose to keep fighting, believing they can transform you and love will conquer all in the end. My kind knows better. Perhaps we are connected in a way. I know instinctually there is no changing you. Why destroy such a perfect machine?

    1. Hope says:

      What is your kind, Love?

  12. FFL says:

    Yikes, today is one of those unsettling days when I read a post from you HG and come away convinced again, that you actually ARE my ex lol — thank goodness for your London accent and UK-style spelling and expressions that gradually bring me back to reality again — and relative safety lol — but yes, sometimes I like to poke and goad the beast / my ex — at a safe distance of course — but that pales in comparison to what he did to me lol — including the transfer of a few narcissistic traits such as vengefulness — a trait I would NEVER have imagined could be imprinted on to someone like me — a malignantly optimistic and naive love devotee !! Yet here I am m, meddling with his madness and building up his ego only to squash it back down with a well-planted put down that only he can pick up on. But just like the stock market, you can’t play or time this dangerous game forever; you need a buy-low, sell-high exit strategy — so while I endure a post-discard, post-Hoover, post put down (by me) silent treatment (by him) I think I will take this opportunity to quietly slip back into no contact and put my energies and efforts into making it stick!

    Thanks HG, this post was too close for comfort and I’ve been acting waaay too comfy in the post-escape/discard Hoover zone!

    1. I wish i had your strength… Im not there yet. Im wondering for myself how much more before I will be. I do though appreciate your comment.

  13. HG. Very interesting to see from your perspective?
    You have our best interests at heart?
    Never from your kind.

    Do you really believe there will be peace?
    What are you expecting from us to complete this fantasy of peace?

    1. Hope says:

      Our best interest is to be their best interest. He buys a tv and acquires a target. Even if the tv functions perfectly and the target acts within his world view—he will treat the tv well until his friend gets a better tv. Now this is criticism. Immediately the TV he owns id devalued, but sold higher than cost to another friend because it’s so well cared for and he’s manipulative. He is the most important person in the world, his friend can’t have better than him. He replaces the old model with a new model. His target developed breast cancer. He took great care of her while she was serving him Abe now she’s defective. He’s angry and discard her for a new target in perfect health. In his eyes, our interest is no different than his, as an extension. To my understanding.

      Peace? Impossible. But they believe it’s possible even though everything they keep ends up “broken.”

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