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5 thoughts on “Ask And You Shall Be Answered”

    1. Hello Nikita, there are various debates about the cause. In my instance the good doctors link it to what I experienced as a childhood. There are others who think that genetics play a part and I suspect that there is an element of both, namely a genetic predisposition but there has to be the environmental factor to “seal the deal” if you will.

  1. Hi hg. Have you considered becoming a therapist?? You would be good at it!! You’ve saved your readers thousands of dollars with your straightforward articles. Best wishes for a happy holiday season hg. I look forward to more brilliant articles!!

    1. Thank you Lizz. Yes you will save thousands by digesting my work if you want to understand. As for being a therapist, well it would be an excellent ruse to gain greater access to empathic individuals but therapists are healers aren’t they and I’m not a healer.

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