It is a beautiful day. The kind of day that feels full of possibilities. The sun shines in the cornflower blue firmament, birdsong fills the air as the scent of grass, flowers and optimism hangs heavy. You stand at your window and look out across the view of your well-tended garden and then the fields beyond, stretching away to the hills in the distance. Your time is your own and you stand considering not only what you will do this gorgeous day but what is next for you and your life. What direction will you take it in? Where will your steer your good ship to? There have been some stormy waters in the past but you navigated them and jettisoned that unnecessary cargo which threatened to sink you and here you are now with so many choices, so many options and opportunities available to you, unhindered by others that may seek to impose their own values and decisions on to you. You are freedom personified although you must admit there are times when you would welcome someone to share this unparalleled freedom with, but there is no rush to achieve this. It will happen when it happens, you believe in such things. As you continue to look out across the view, the telephone rings and you break off from your thoughts to answer the telephone.

“Hello,” you declare into the receiver. You hear a voice, clear, confident, warm and strangely inviting, speaking to you.

“Hello, I am Mr Saul Mate calling from Somnium Incorporated and I just wanted to let you know that I am able to deliver whatever you require twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year. Remember it is all about you. Thank you for your continued custom.”

The call ends.

You smile and replace the receiver. It rings again and you answer.

“Hello, Mr Saul Mate calling from Somnium Incorporated. Please remember I am by your side even when I am not there and I am always ready to attend to anything you require. What you need, I provide. Thank you for your continued custom.”

The call ends again and as you stand contemplating this call there is the ping of a message on your mobile phone. You replace the landline receiver and walk over to where your mobile rests on the sideboard. You pick it up and see you have a text message from a number that you do not recognise. You open the message nevertheless.

“Somnium Incorporated – taking you to a new level in the provision of delight and joy.”

The landline rings again and you mutter as you answer.

“Yes?” “Hello, Mr Saul Mate calling from Somnium Incorporated. We have undertaken an extensive profiling exercising which puts us in the optimum position to understand all your needs and most importantly satisfy them. Every. Single. Time. Thank you for your continued custom.”

“Look, I haven’t ordered anything from you,” you protest but the line goes dead.

Another message arrives on your ‘phone.

“Somnium Incorporated – just say it and you will have it. Heaven awaits when you let us take care of you.”

There is a noise from your laptop and you replace the receiver and walk to the computer to find an e-mail from

“Dear Customer, we just wanted to let you know how much we adore looking after your every need. You are very special to us in fact you are the only one we want to serve.”

“What is going on?” you ask yourself aloud. Your ‘phone pings again and the sound of an e-mail arriving rings out. You are about to look at these messages when your doorbell rings.

“What now?” you mutter.

You open your front door to find a courier stood there holding a huge bouquet of flowers.

“Good morning miss, delivery for Miss Victoria Tim,” he smiles. He hands you the bouquet and walks away. There is a card attached and you read it.

“For you dear customer who we will always serve and provide for no matter what – Somnium Inc.”

You carry the flowers inside which are admittedly beautiful as you hear something being shoved through your letterbox. You place the flowers down and return to the door to see several flyers in different styles and colours have been pushed through your letterbox. All of them are from Somnium Inc. and contain a variety of promises, declarations and plaudits concerning you and them. The doorbell rings and you pull the door open in irritation, still clutching the flyers. You can hear your landline ringing again and the repeated pinging of your mobile phone and chime of your laptop. A different courier stands at the door this time with a parcel which he hands to you.

“Victoria Tim?” he asks and you nod.

“Just sign here please,” he says with a smile and pushes the signing device towards you. You oblige and he wishes you a lovely day as you retreat inside with the parcel which bears a tag.

“From Somnium Inc. to our best and most wonderful customer, we want to serve you forever.”

You shake your head and put the parcel down to answer the landline.

“Hello, Mr Saul Mate here just calling to remind you how special you are to us and how we will only ever have your best interests at heart.” The doorbell rings again.

“Stop calling this number!” you shout and slam the phone down. You snatch up your mobile and see 25 messages have arrived all from the same number. You glance at a couple of the messages.

“We just wanted to let you know that we have never had a customer like you before. You are unique in every way and we just want to give you everything you deserve – Somnium Inc.

“We have never felt this way about one of our customers before it is like we have been sent from corporate heaven to make you happy forever – Somnium Inc.”

The landline rings again but you ignore it. You can hear more chiming from your laptop and you see that your inbox is filling with e-mails from the same source; You let out a cry as the doorbell rings once again and flinging the door open, phone ringing in the background you are confronted by a line of couriers who snake down your pathway and onto the road beyond. They are all carrying items such as flowers, parcels, baskets, balloons and such like.

“Delivery for Miss Victoria Tim,” they all announce in unison and provide you with a winning smile and a wink of the eye.

“Go away!” you shout, ” I do not want them. I don’t have anything to do with Somnium Inc.!”

You slam the door and march back into the living room as the landline keeps on ringing, your mobile pings incessantly and the chiming coming from your laptop will not stop. More flyers land on the doormat as you fling your mobile to one side, placing your hands over your ears trying to drown out this cacophony but to no avail. You hear a loud knocking at your front door as the chiming, ringing and pinging continues. You curse and wait. You consider going to the internet to find the details about this company Somnium Inc. and Mr Saul Mate in readiness of making a complaint. This is harassment. No company should be acting in this fashion and anyhow, where did they get your details from? How did they know your telephone numbers, e-mail address and residential address? You never gave them out. The knocking at the door continues and you stomp to the front door.

“I said I – ” you begin as you wrench the door open expecting to find the line of waiting couriers but there is nobody there. Your eyes look down to the doormat on your porch floor and there is crisp white calling card with black embossed letters. You stoop and snatch it up, the din of ringing and alerts seeming to fade as your attention is drawn by this card. You read it.

“Sorry we missed you, we will call again.”

The name Saul Mate is in one corner and Somnium Inc. is another corner. You look across the lawn but there is nobody there. You go to the front gate and look left and right along the avenue but it is empty.

If any company or organisation treated, you in this manner you would complain. This behaviour is our calling card and you not only embrace it but you want it. And you call us the twisted ones?

9 thoughts on “Relentless

  1. Ali says:

    nope, i complained. lol

    it’s called to good to be true…

    and when you put it that way, it turns into a real nightmare, very quickly.

    i’m done with nightmares. I made a decision at some point and I will be sticking to it like glue…

  2. jenna says:

    I love this one. What a play on words- Saul Mate and Vic(toria) Tim. Victoria Tim was difficult to figure out but you revealed it last time in the comments section😉

  3. Ellen says:

    I wonder how much of our vulnerability to such behavior on the part of narcissist stems from being fed a steady stream of unrealistic romance (books, TV, movies, even music) from the time we are very young. The whole ideal of a fairy tale romance, being pursued and wooed with flowers, phone calls, love letters from a Prince Charming who will die without our love … I still know women who chase that ideal.

    I’m not laying all the blame there, of course, as there are many other factors that come into play that make one an ideal target for a narcissist, but I do wonder if that is one factor.

    Just thinking out loud. Thank you HG for another insightful post.

    1. NarcAngel says:

      I would agree, and there has been discussion previously about the “Disney” effect.

  4. Tracey says:

    I found the avalanche of text messages, emails and phone calls deliciously seductive in the beginning. There were literally thousands in those first heady months and each one helped catapult me into the arms of the most destructive man I have ever met. He left his wife, within weeks and without so much as a backward glance. She was bi-polar after all and didn’t understand him like I did. In fact, he said, she was almost as crazy as her predecessor, and the wife before that…but I digress.

    It makes sense then that my devaluation started around the time that I stopped relishing the ping of my phone. Those same messages that had once made my heart flutter began to feel vaguely oppressive and suffocating. His constant need for attention and affection began to feel stifling too. I could no longer rise at dawn to do yoga as this was deemed ‘selfish’. And why, he said, did I want to salute the sun when a whole universe could be discovered in his arms. I tried to explain that I needed my space, that my yoga (et al) was important too.

    He hated it. My expression for healthy boundaries was perceived as a huge criticism and an equally huge rejection. So, my email account was hacked, my past dredged up as if it were a sordid scene from an X-rated movie (oh the irony) and I was called every derogatory name under the sun. My N switched from being a demi God to a misogynist and his retroactive jealousy was something I was entirely unprepared for.

    His obsession with my past was pathological. I was expected to erase all aspects of my romantic past as if it had never existed. My previous ‘neurotypical’ relationships were simultaneously ‘falsely reconstructed’ in the twisted mind of the Narc and used against me in a bizarre form of sadomasochistic triangulation which left me wondering if the DSM needs revising to include the darker aspects of NPD.

    How and why I stayed with the N is something that I am still working on and trying to understand. Two years of cognitive dissonance, blame shifting, abuse and the resulting dissociation isn’t long compared to many. But it was long enough for the N to smash nearly every personal boundary I have ever constructed and long enough to know that I had a very lucky escape.

    Thank you, HG. Reading your posts has sharpened my critical thinking again. It has allowed me to peel back the veil of confusion, lifted the emotion and re-opened my eyes to logic, even if it is twisted.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      You are welcome.

    2. Tiddlywink says:

      Tracey.. I empathisize with u.. my N also bombarded me constantly with texts and calls within the first couple of months..after being flattered at first with the constant attention, it soon became too much and too stifling and frankly not normal to be contacter so frequently. After a while, if I dared not pick up a call .. it meant to him that I must be with some other guy (in his mind)..even if i was in the garden doing garden chores..he wouldnt believe me..Thing is he was still living with his gf even though he told me they were having a break.. which I found out later was completely untrue. Basically he was with her, and another, and also wanted me as a 3rd.. who knows how many others were in the list at one time. I was shattered to find out his double life as he had lied from the very beginning about his status. Then the devaluation came with the most hurtful personal attacks about my looks body family members lifestyle etc. He was relentless with the insults. I have never experienced such hatred from someone who had bombarded me in the complete opposite way in the beginning. They are truly sick. To this day his girlfriend still assumes he is a good boyfriend and has no idea about his alter egos..which makes me furious..

      1. Tracey says:

        I feel your pain. I have suffered it too. Endlessly. And until very recently I thought it would be an eternal wound. But understanding the N and why he operates in the way that he does has helped massively in moving forward. I also experienced the personal attacks that you refer to – and to this day I don’t know for sure how many other sources of supply there were. I found snippets of proof that the N was messaging other women, but my own denial kept me blinded to what was probably going on behind my back. Plus the endless business trips to San Fran and Sweden to ‘close those deals’ were prime opportunities. Even typying this makes me feel foolish at how duped I was!! I don’t want to feel angry anymore and I also have to accept that I will never have all of the answers. And that’s OK. I can’t diagnose him, but I can say with complete certainty that my ex falls heavily into the cluster B category of personality disorders and is almost certainly a narcissist with borderline traits. For me, closure has been about finding the answers, seeking definition and gaining understanding, I hope that in time this allowa me to bolt the door with forgiveness and then throw away the key xx

  5. K says:

    est somnum exterreri is more like it. I am no longer twisted and I recognize a red flag when I see it, however, it took a while.

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