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114 thoughts on “Live Stream Q & A”

  1. HG
    Thank you for doing the live stream. I learned a lot from it. I think you should do another live stream when you hit 6,666,666 since 666 is a sign of evil/the devil in the bible.

  2. HG, sadly I wasn’t alone and couldn’t listen in on this. Will this one be on YouTube like the previous one?

  3. WOW. I just got a call from a person my ex and I knew and were friendly with who happens to be cognitively slow – he was a paraprofessional in my ex boyfriends room (my ex is a special ed teacher)…..he left a message saying” heyyyy I wanna see how your doing call or text me when you get this …..”

    I haven’t spoken to this person since like more than a year ago when my ex and I were together ….

    it seems really really shady….

    I think its safe to say my ex is probably utilizing this individual who is cognitively slow to contact me to see how I’m doing?

    1. Dr HQ

      Maybe, but you know the game and dont want to be jaded to all mankind on account of that asshole. Shouldnt be too hard to steer the conversation into finding out what or who is behind it. If theres fuckery afoot just shut it down.

      1. NarcAngel,

        I never answered the call. I never texted. I could feel something was up. This individual was def manipulated in some way to contact me. It could have been my ex planted the seed or directly manipulated the individual – either way I needed to avoid it and did.

        I get no urge at all to speak to my ex. The only person I will occasionally get the itch with is my first psychopath. No one else has ever made me get that itch b/c I usually want nothing to do with whoever I parted with.

    1. Yes it was. I sat out in the car listening for all 4 and a half hours! Thank you, HG!!

  4. Totally of topic I know. Could you create some artwork with the text HG Tudor set me free! I’d like to get a T shirt printed.

          1. So we can broadcast even louder at work what kind of sitting target we are?
            Hello Newbie Narc in the far west cubicle. Look what I am? A spirited, Geyser Empath ripe for the picking. Um, no. But I totally see why you would like them. Lolll

          2. HG
            Empath mugs? Are you selling off the ugly ones?

            If you mean for coffee-extra large and golden please.

  5. A Dictator or and Ice Cream Vendor?

    My 4 year old would like to be a Phlibotimist or a Bunny. Should I be concerned? lol

    Absolutely loved the Q&A session! Hope to actually catch the next one “live”. More of a heads up so I could mark my calendar please.

  6. I listened to the recorded live feed via youtube and it was great. Second only to a private consult with you. I’m really glad you’ll be having more live sessions. Thanks for all you do, HG!

  7. “What is your favorite part?” asked a listener. After a bit of consideration HG said “the neck”

    :hundreds of listeners unconsciously and gently move their hand to their neck:

    1. I did make a mental note of that. I was surprised when he didn’t say the wrists. Lol

  8. I had to miss the first half hour or so as I had to pick my son up from work, then I spent ages trying to get the live chat on my phone (and failing) by the time I decided to get my (much hated Friday afternoon Dell piece of crap) laptop out it was too late. I will have to listen to it in peace on evening.

    I did catch a bit – when you said that whiskey was not a preferred drink was disturbing. I think I loved you tiny bit less…….

  9. Ballerina9 asked how to know if a narcissist is faking empathy. My guess is if you really don’t know the person and how to figure them out before a relationship starts. My sister in law is a master at faking empathy. I never would have known her to be a narc. And now I know my mother in law is one also. She must be adored and she supports abuse. Freaks. I really liked her too.

  10. Haha, that was a wild and enjoyable ride. Listening to HG was the most important element of course, but trying to keep an eye on the feed while submitting questions as well was tough! Cant imagine how it must have been for HG to be doing all of that and answering on the spot, but he handled it like the Rock Star that he is. It was nice to see so many of you there.

    It was Christmas in July. Thank you.

    1. I must have omitted something essential. There was no feed on mine and no way to type in questions. It was just a stationary pic like the usual YouTube videos.

        1. During. I had my dog sign up as your follower and YouTube confirmed it. Maybe there was something else required?

          1. I see. Some other posters have answered in the thread as to what that reason might be.

          2. Yes. Apparently it was operator error. Alas, all too common when I use technology. And the dogs were no help either. At least the one let me use his email and youtube account.
            Again, HG, I really enjoyed listening to it all! You went way longer than I’d have thought you would and it was all very entertaining! Thank you and look forward to the next one!

          3. I always go for longer than you would expect.

            I am pleased you enjoyed it.

          4. ” l always go longer than you would expect.”
            Show off!

          5. And I was talking about the length of your…. Q&A… naturally.

          6. Are you feeding me a mini word salad here, Boss?
            (My “boss” definition, not yours … naturally…).

        2. Windstorm,

          Were you on an iphone or an iPad like me? On YouTube during live chats there is an arrow at the bottom you have to press to see the chat/live feed. Easy to miss. Or something different?

          1. iPhone. My iPad didn’t have service. So is this little arrow present on all devices? I was lucky I could even hear it. I live in an area with lots of summer vacationers and service really drops on holiday weekends. Only 3G at best. No wifi up here.
            Thanks Indy!!

          2. Windstorm2
            You are not alone in navigating these things. When the buffering started, people were saying to refresh and I do know what that means (no, I didnt run for a wet nap lol) and have done it before, but I,ll be damned if I could find a refresh button during the event. No wifi!!!! Uncivilized. Try wearing a tinfoil hat and sitting with your feet in a pan of water for better reception.

          3. NarcAngel
            Tin foil hat! I thought those were to prevent aliens from reading our thoughts.
            You think no wifi is shocking, most of my neighbors have no internet at all! They don’t even have cell phones! I can’t understand how anyone can live without a smartphone anymore!
            But then I’ve got one neighbor trying to live in an old camper with no electricity or water. If you’re cooking over a fire and hauling your water in buckets, a smartphone probably just sounds like a silly toy.

      1. Windstorm2
        If it was during the event you had to scroll down the page a bit past some other videos and the chat was there at the bottom. You may have noticed the other videos underneath and thought to go no further. Look forward to seeing you next time.

        1. That’s exactly what I did, NarcAngel! Never occurred to me to scroll past those other videos. Well, you live and learn. I got a lot of crocheting done while I was listening. It was very peaceful as opposed to constantly watching a feed.
          I enjoyed all your comments! Especially the underwear!
          Thanks for the advice for next time!

          1. Windstorm2
            Did you use all of those exclamations just for my amusement or are you just waving that Empth flag around again? Hahaha

          2. Both! Your comment on exclamation points still cracks me up! Every time I type something that just seems like it needs one, I think of you.
            Now whenever I add one of those little yellow blob like things I’ll think of HG! 😄

      2. Same thing happened to me when I hit refresh. I finally got audio and had to sacrifice the ongoing feed. I don’t know why I couldn’t have both.

  11. HG,
    As several others have already said, you are seriously dangerously charming! Thank you for continuing to teach us and model for us certain skills that are vital in navigating toxic folks. Now, will you ever teach us to be immune to charm and the tools of a grand master of games?

      1. I appreciate that, HG. I do feel safe here. I am wondering if your training of us here will eventually include tips on how to spot and resist the higher functioning narcissists, sociopaths and those that are at your level. Like I said, I can spot it but it is still a temptation. I dig smart men, particularly smart, funny and charming. (I think this is everyone that like this combo)
        The recent ex knew how to hide some of his negative traits for a while…I guess just use those test questions you give in other articles. However, very smart guys like you HG would know how to respond to those questions, and not act jealous or talk badly about exes or family.
        Do I just dive back into the dating world and if I like them then mark them off the list because they are surely a narcissist/socio? 😄

        1. You do not dive back in but approach it in a methodical and guarded manner, looking to keep your emotional thinking under control.

          1. Thank you HG!
            I will remember your words. Keeping my emotional mind in check and logical mind in the fore. Take my time, go slow, and guard my heart until someone earns it. And, stop trying to rescue gems in the rough. (I need this tattooed in my mind)

      2. Of course we are perfectly safe here.😊Where is the sign in sheet for remedial classes? Lets create a poll.that will eliminate redundant questions on your next Q and A. Not bad, but who am I to say. I will listen if you were quoting ABC’s or counting to 100😊 😂😂

        1. Hi Yolo,
          Yes, of course I know we are safe here too. Been here a year so I know.

          Were you referring to my question he was responding to here about more training on spotting and handling the highest functioning narcissists/sociopaths (as I’m hinting he keeps some of those tools still closer to his chest, though he has been generous with everything he has given us) as “redundant”
          or something/someone else?

          Just seeking clarity here.

    1. Indy,

      Not at all, I was referring to the.. are you married ? Do you have kids? How old are you? and the countless others. Also, there were questions HG have repeatedly answered on the blog pertaining too personal situations of some bloggers.

      Maybe it was due to people logging on at different times and new followers.

      Sorry, definitely not aimed at you. Usually, when i offend I use screen name unless my passive aggressive behavior rears it’s ugly head. 😊

        1. Indy,

          The latter is more plausible.😊😊 If we don’t get it from H.G (ah haa moment) I fear it will all be in vain. He will get the empty praises although it doesn’t matter as a narc.
          His efforts has to matter to his ego. His article on ever presence hit home for me.
          Reminder to self… , there is so much more too learn. I thought I’d conquered the beast and viewed others as weak. Exposing mid range the ever presence factor came at the right time. I still struggle to gather thoughts, emotions are fluid because of my engagement with the lieutenants. He’s hell bent on getting revenge. Today, he created an account with his city, state, name, and posted a pic completely opposite of him. He’s from the midwest i think they are the worst.

          Sorry for the spill,atter accusations of no it all 😊

  12. And thanks for fixing the buffering! You were so much “fun” and it was so lively.
    No wonder the ladies in the U.K don’t stand a chance! You master the Art of the Conversation.

    1. You are welcome and thank you. ‘Tis true about the fair maidens of this sceptred isle, but I am HG International.

      1. Haha goodie! Glad we are all included.
        Ah HG, imagine the possibilities if you could just dim that evil side of yours!

      1. HG, the question was “quick tips to detect faked empathy”.
        Ex: I’m an animal lover and will react to any animal abuse (including you kicking your IPPS’s pet when she is not watching! Bad HG!)

        But how can I tell if he is faking empathy? Especially on dates, someone we don’t know well…since there is no HG Narc Detector app yet (what’s taking you so long?!) to plug the guy’s profile in and see if your “evil” logo or a green light comes back as a result. Your voice saying “escape” would be nice too!
        Thanks Geminimom!!

  13. HG, do you have a version of the stream for those of us who missed hearing you yesterday? I was with my parents and unable to listen in, and hate to have missed your Q&A. Hoping there is still a way to find it.

    1. Hello Mary, there is. Just go to my youtube channel ‘Knowing the Narcissist’ and you will find the Q and A there – it is in to parts.

  14. HG… Your warm buttery voice, sense of humor, your laugh, your quick wittedness, impeccable charm CLEARLY came across in the live stream! I appreciate you taking extra time and answering so many (repeated) questions as well. You sure set the bar high for yourself!

  15. Really enjoyed listening to the live chat, HG. Look forward to any more that follow!

  16. I really enjoyed listening to your livestreams, HG. 😀

    Quite surprised that you sound so “normal” in a non-scripted environment, very pleasant to listen to actually. 🙂 [You sound rather stern in your YT videos]

    Yellow blobs! Hehe. That’s JOY, HG!! 😀 😀 I hope that you will experience this one day!!

    1. Ha ha, of course I sound normal, how else do you think I ensnare people? The YT videos are broadcasts therefore different tone compared to the conversational style of the live stream.

      1. Ha ha, sure, you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar! 😀 In any case, very amusing to listen to. Will tune in next time 🙂

  17. Indeed, a fantastic livestream! Love your voice and sense of humor! Bravo, HG!

  18. The livestream was fantastic! You kept up great! Loved hearing all the interaction and learned a few new things I know will churn and lead to more questions!

  19. Hello HG.. I am at work so wont be able to participate in the live chat unfortunately. Will you have a transcript available for those of us who are unable to make it?

  20. The live stream was excellent, Thank you! You made mention of the book “Dark Cupid”, is it on amazon? I wasn’t able to locate it.

    1. I’m interested in Dark Cupid too. Also, will “Awakened” be the next book you mentioned coming out in 2 weeks?

  21. Are some narcissists just sexting masturbators? He never would meet up with me. I have gone no contact. He keeps hoovering me. 18 months of this madness.

    1. Shirley, for the most part, that’s what my narc was! We had a sexting relationship that lasted just a little over a year. We did meet in person one time, and kissed and made out in his car, but it was spur of the moment and not time for much else, plus other issues that I won’t go into. Both of us are married. He told me he’s sexted hundreds of women, but was never as “close” to them as he was to me. He said I mattered to him. We talked about everything, not just sex, and it felt like we did have a connection. However… He was hot and cold, sexting with me up to 3 or 4 times at day, then maybe go a month with just minimal contact, enough to be polite, but i knew he was pursuing other sources of fuel then.

      Is this how your narc was? Did he fuck with your head constantly? The mind-fucking and hot and cold behavior is what I would say (from what I’m learning) distinguishes a narc from just compulsive sexting.

  22. Ty for a fun filled informative live chat HG! Im sure it wasnt easy keeping up with all the questions but you did great! Also enjoyed reading peoples questions 🙂 heres to 6 million 🤗

  23. This is fantastic. I love hearing you in a conversational atmosphere. You are brilliant and hilarious. More livestream!

  24. Too bad I don’t know how to ask a question for your live q&a.

    I want to know that by knowing how you play with people, then you’re making a “choice” to do so and choices can always change. Why are you making these choices and what have you accomplished by making them?

  25. Love your sense of humor.😊Justin Bieber😂😂 The animal protection people are coming for you.

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