The Rules of Ex Club No. 23



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  1. This kind of thinking that everyone is treacherous I know that very well. This time not by my narcs, but by a workmate. She always thinks, every one wants to attack her and so she lashes out very often and overly aggressive. Somehow I got her trust and now I have to explain her nearly every critical situations she faces. I feed her with some background information and I help her to understand the real situation, not her assumed situation. I do not know when it happens but it will happen and her trust will be gone. At the moment there is some kind of peace at the workplace and this kind of “translation” works. She calmed down a lot. Former there were always struggles, fights and power-plays.
    We had no complaint about her last year ! and this is a huge progress.
    I try to be objective as much as I can. I do not excuse the faults of others and her faults….
    It is still fascinating, how highly intelligent people can be so blind in emotional situations and are not able to judge a situation in a rational way.

  2. He said to me with the voice of a child: “Why are you so mean to me?”
    At first I thought this was another charming attack using the voice of a child, then I realised, it came out of the deep of his shattered soul. It was a memory, something had triggered him and he was back deep down in childhood. I was his mother in his mind suddenly. His mother, who wanted to leave him without any reason (only his fiction, even in childhood) . He could not differentiate between the situation of past and now. Yes, my treachery in his mind. The deeply anchored fear and hate against his mother found its way to the surface and I presented it like all women his mind.
    Stuck in past.

  3. Hg – if all exes are the same what makes a mid ranger keep coming back to an ex who is no contact? I know he has exes that still contact him but yet he still keeps trying to hoover me. I wish I could avoid the 6th sphere somehow.

    1. It will be because there is a Hoover Trigger (6th sphere no doubt as you explain) and the criteria are being met. He evidently perceives that it is both advantageous and straight forward to keep hoovering you, hence that is why it keeps happening. The other exes may not be activating Hoover Triggers hence why he does not bother them.

  4. you mean, we’re all treacherous malfunctioning slaves? so silly. you hate even the traces of yourself (from an in-denial perspective ofc).

  5. HG, hilarious 😂
    Come on that can’t be true ??
    So all exes look the same to you physically or all women or all humans ?

      1. Im sure for many narcs the fuel outweighs appearance. For instance if theres two appliances one whose a supermodel and one whose mediocre but whose fuel is pristine to that of the supermodels the narc would go for the mediocre appliance. Of course were talking about narcs so theyd have both but cycle them all. Narcs are fuel hogs! Numero uno is who is most important and the fuel that feeds them.

      1. The manikins on this article, look like my mother when she had her natrual platinum blonde hair. Just beautiful. One thing about narcissistic women, and men, sure are beautiful. I wonder why that is.

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