The Rules of Ex Club – No. 29


5 thoughts on “The Rules of Ex Club – No. 29

  1. narc affair says:

    Always triangulation to devalue and as leverage.

  2. Diva says:

    Understanding……..therein lies another one of the empaths problems……..we are far too understanding………. we take sympathetic awareness and tolerance to another level……..far beyond what a normal person would deem appropriate under the circumstances……..Diva

  3. Georgie says:

    Good. I like this one because now… I’m the ex

  4. Merripen says:

    I find it quite offensive to think of him lobbing words of praise for me, to harm and ensnare someone else. He continues to use me, even after dis-engagement.

    Secondly (secretly), I find it quite satisfying to think of him giving voice to my excellent treatment of him, lobbing it at the very one who replaced me. He continues to think of me, even after dis-engagement.

    That second expression is unrecognizable as the person I consider myself to be. It is testament to the toxic damage he has inflicted and the healing I have yet to do.

  5. Jenna says:

    And this will be said to the next ipps.

    Don’t u get bored saying the same phrases over n over? Life has stages. U move thru those stages. U get past the stage where u talk abt one ex, then the next, then the next…

    But u r stuck at this stage where the need to talk abt each ex arises, because u swiftly move frm one ipps to the next. It’s because u cannot love. U want infatuation only. It’s shallow. Many other narcs marry and stay married. Why can’t u do it?

    Pls end the poor treatment of all ur victims. U have it in u. U r intelligent. I know u’ve been married b4. U can try again. U must stop piling up victims. They don’t deserve it.

    I understand u need fuel. Rely on positive fuel only pls. When it becomes stale, concentrate on something else that fulfills u. U r a brilliant writer. Write books, plays, scripts. Let ur wife know abt it. Don’t hide it. U will feel free. No more secrecy…

    Don’t get me wrong. I feel for u too. I feel sad it has to be this way for u. I feel sad that ur childhood was abusive. It makes me cry. But there must be an alternative, since u have so much self-awareness. There has to be an alternative than causing misery to so many. Pls god let there be an alternative so both parties can feel at peace 🙏

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