Little Acons – No. 1


A series of memes which encapsulates the mind set of the narcissistic parent towards their child resulting in the creation of the Adult Child of a Narcissist.

9 thoughts on “Little Acons – No. 1

  1. narc affair says:

    Sadly. Empaths however choose our own direction.

  2. Jasmine says:

    My matrinarc gave up trying to fit me in her little box a long time ago. She still tries to “influence” my life and choices, but she knows it’s a lost cause. I am me and always will be. Xo

    1. thepianist20 says:

      I went gray rock on my narc parents 2 months ago.

      Meaning I’ve not been talking to them like how I normally used to. Our conversations are very minimal.

      So now, it bruises their ego so much that they are trying to do everything to get my attention, but can’t even say a simple sorry.

      Oh, the selfish monsters.

      I’ve been saving money to move out of the house, and I plan to move out by July.

      Hopefully it will work out.

      1. thepianist20 says:

        All the best to you, Jasmine 🙂

        I am so glad that you are being yourself.

        The bloody narcs can take their “lost cause” to their own grave when they die.

        We’ll carry our own torches, cuz we are unique in our our way.

      2. Jasmine says:


        Best of luck to you as well xo.. especially on moving out and onwards! Family dynamics are difficult. I will forever be tied to my parents (all those strings) but we’ve managed to work out a way to coexist. They accept me and my faults (haha!) and I, in turn, have learned to not take it personally and tossed it back. “That is her problem, not mine”

  3. Blondie says:

    Looking forward to these memes Hg..

  4. Jasmine says:

    Yes ma’am

    1. thepianist20 says:

      Thank you for your validation, Jasmine 🙂

      We as empaths, are entitled to carry our own torch and light our own lamps. Period.

  5. thepianist20 says:

    Dear Psychopathic Narc Parents,

    The day will come when I won’t be carrying your torch.

    Instead, I’ll be carrying my own torch; and it will be brighter than yours


    – Your Empath Daughter

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