The Narcissist’s Social Media Laws – No. 15

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10 thoughts on “The Narcissist’s Social Media Laws – No. 15”

  1. How about narcississt who doesn’t have a Facebook no social media at all avoid going out, never hold your hand never touch u u re the only one who initiates physical contact and only, never laughs just acting like a robot .as soon as you leave the house or end the date txts start to bombarding ur phone kiss faces words I miss you already etc .next day or few u back with her and robotic behaviour comes back awkward aloof cold .

  2. Here I leave a text written by a full blown narcissist who used me as a primary source for three months. Written on march 2017, it accounts why he was leaving social media… to only come back one month later:

    “If you’ve made it to here you’ll have noticed that the word “I” occurs more than most, if not all, other words used. Obviously this is because I’m reflecting about my decision to bench social media but there is a deeper lying issue.

    I’m so obsessed with presenting an image of myself that doesn’t accurately reflect who I am.

    While there are aspects to my personality that are reflected accurately online, there is so much more to me, or to anyone for that matter, than what social media allows us to share.

    I really want to explore who I am as well as explore who others are, away from the glare of social media.

    There are things about myself that I want to work on and hopefully when I’m back on social media, I’ll be able to give a more accurate representation of myself”.

    ” I admit it — I care about likes and follows and about interactions on social media.

    I don’t take pictures just to remember the moment anymore. I take pictures to see how many likes I can get on instagram.

    I check to see if people have opened my snapchats; to see how many people have watched my instagram story.

    I’m not posting for myself anymore and that is a problem. I talked a lot about noise and this is the noisiest part of social media. That false sense of validation, the constant checking of my phone to see how many notifications I’ve got.

    It’s bullshit and I know I’ll be a lot happier without it”

    If only I would have found this text months ago…

  3. I used to have the opposite problem. “When I contact you I expect you to respond” or my favorite, “Why aren’t you responding? Is it because you are f*cking someone?” Well, I’m not very social, so I don’t respond regularly to anyone. Text message is the enemy of all introverts.

    You narcs aren’t the only one who’s witnessed someone border on a mental breakdown because you took more than 2 hours to respond to a message!

  4. Happy valentines to everyone! Narcissists can take a romantic person and turn them into a cynic on such holidays but i refuse to allow that to happen. I love valentines day and it can signify all kinds of love not just the romantic kind. Wishing everyone a day of love, smiles and happiness! If you dont have a valentine to spoil you then spoil yourself you deserve it! 🤗😘💓

  5. So many excuses not enough hours. One things for sure if a narc cares they wont miss one message! Its either lack of interest or devaluation that prevents them from seeing a notification and the off chance they dont see it legitimately you wont believe anyways bc of how much they lie.

  6. Mine always deleted all WhatsApp messages so I took the phone while he was sleeping and put his WhatsApp onto my desktop WhatsApp. Could watch all his messages in real time. My goodness gracious such a busy boy!

  7. “my notifications were turned off, i didn’t see your messages. I was not ignoring you, why would I ignore you?”

    Why indeed?

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