Getting Out!


Realisation has finally arrived that you have been sucked into the nightmare world of the narcissist. No contact is the way forward but have you got what it takes to resist the machinations of the Narcissist as she or he does their utmost to derail your campaign? You need to prepare for no contact and who better than to tell you how to do it than the dark-hearted master narcissist. Invaluable techniques are delivered so you can prepare and maximise your chances of attaining no contact and beating the narcissist.

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3 thoughts on “Getting Out!

  1. Linda says:

    I seem to have found the most perfect way to leave and maintain no contact. My evidence got him arrested, sent to jail, and I was able to get a permanent police no contact order, for life.

    Pretty effective, in my books…..

  2. Samuel says:

    I am trying but I am stuck. I complained to my landlord about his behaviour. Ignited his fury and wants me to vacate his property. BUT he is giving bad references so my applications for another rental property are being turned down. Obviously I am painted black by him. What can I do?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Read here and consult with me.

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