The Igniters of Fury – No. 10



4 thoughts on “The Igniters of Fury – No. 10”

  1. You didn’t beg to be invited to their specially decorated den and they held a grudge for almost a year and now they generously extended an invite – you’re going to take that train to narcville in disgrace, or else.. you’ll die in misery! you useless object.

  2. Right, you invite them, and then they don’t show up. But if you don’t invite them in the first place, rage ensues.

  3. Hg – I am concerned that my father might be a narc. I am concerned because I am the closest to him out of his three daughters and in my past experience with exes and ex best friends they have all ended up being narcs. Is it possible for him to be a narc if he doesn’t really clearly devalue me? Like my ex fiance clearly and repeatedly scolded me randomly for the way I pronounce words but all my dad has ever done is randomly maybe five times in 20 years kicked me out of the house like shoved me out mid argument and locked the door and then my mom had to sneak and let me back in hours later. I think my dad’s dad was a narc because he said he was never told I love you and that he was a hell of a price to pay for sex. Are these actions indicative of narcs or just rude and or/abusive people?

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