The Igniters of Fury – No. 14



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  1. Tending to the sick can be lucrative. An ex family member took soup to a sick friend and on the way home stopped to buy a lottery ticket that netted her a million tax free dollars. She said she would not have been out and purchased it otherwise.

    New business model HG?
    Tudors Tortellini and Tickets Empath Delivery?
    Bowls suitably adorned with the flaming Tudor EVIL logo and filled with tongue scorching soup delivered to the bedside of the ill by caring empaths in similarly decaled delivery vehicles, who then use a percentage of their delivery fee to purchase a lottery ticket. The tickets are handed over to HG who future fakes that each Empath will share in the accumulated pot of winnings. They arrive excited at work one morning after a huge and much televised win only to find the office closed and a note pinned to the door reading:

    There are 50 Things You Should Not Do With a Narcissist-this was one of them. Please be assured that I cannot love you more and I will always love you. I will of course in time repay you and remain faithful to you in my absence because I can change. Im afraid there will be No Contact presently as there is no signal where I am, but if you check my Facebook page, that woman with me is just a friend. Thank you for your Fuel and for not igniting my Fury by abstaining from any thoughts of Revenge. You may feel Manipulated but darlings you knew that I was Evil so Im afraid its Your Fault. I hope that you were able to Decipher this message of Splintered Malice through your delicious tears. Im afraid there wont be any further Sex with this Narcissist but Hush, you know I’ll be back.

    Do keep reading
    HG Tudor

    1. NA

      That is awesome!!! Made sure protective barrier was placed before reading and all drinks out of reach!

    2. NarcAngel:

      I almost choked on my coffee reading this!!!! LOVE it and all the references to HG’s work. Very clever! LOLOLOLOL Thanks for the giggle.

  2. I think he is saying it ignites the narcissist fury to take care of a sick relative. If so I find this to be very accurate. To have to do anything for anyone ignites fury.

    1. Thanks for your thoughts, Debra. 🙂 My narcissist was always MIA when I was sick. If I was caring for someone sick, it irritated him. When I was taking care of him, he loooooooved it.

      1. Yes absolutely this is so true. They never want to be around when you need them. I’ve known women who were discarded when they were very ill. They leave you at the worst possible time. If they have to help their mother for example and it would make them look bad to other family members not to do so, they may be there but resent it, they become very angry just furious in cases like this.

  3. I don’t get it…fire? I didn’t understand it the last time I saw it either. HG? Anyone? (Please don’t mock me).

    1. Caroline

      How I see it the fire is a representation of their fury. It is always burning within them, when it is ignite it is like when one throws gasoline onto a fire (hot), liquid nitrogen will burn you to (cold) it doesn’t matter which they use both burn.

      When my ex told me his perspective that was how I told him I understood it, that is how it felt to me when he became angry. He never had to raise his voice or hand to me. I didn’t even have to be in the same room with him, I could be miles away from him and still feel him. Many will not understand and I am very uncomfortable telling this. I view the world differently then most of my own kind.

      1. Thank you, dear Twilight…I totally relate to what you say. The narcissist has never even raised his voice at me, let alone hit me. However, he scares me. I can feel his inner fury as well… he’s insidious…and I really don’t like talking about it either.

      2. Hi twilight…i get what youre saying bc ive sensed it with my narc. Hes never yelled at me but hes done some very mean things the equivalent of a punch to the gut in a covert way i couldnt prove. I can sense when hes really angry its like a calm before the storm. When hes like that i take a break from being around him for a day. Theres the cold fury too which good analogy to liquid nitrogen and it burns worse in some ways bc it feels like you dont matter.

    2. It looks like the sick persons being set on fire maybe symbolism pertaining to the narcs “fury” over the attention being put on them.

      1. Thank you, NA! I don’t wear glasses, so possibly I need to get my eyes checked, lol. I see the fire, but I wasn’t seeing the rest of the picture accurately. *_*

      2. Hi caroline i cant fully make out the pic either but it looks like a glove holding something thats setting the sick person on fire. The object(sick person) of fury being the person taking away the narcissists attention(fuel).

        1. Oh, okay…I really didn’t make that out before, NA… but *now* I think I can see the white (workman-like) glove. Thanks!

    3. The fire represents the ignition of fury. Also, from reading the blog, HG has a “thing” for fire. I haven’t been able to ascertain exactly what it is. It’s probably arson laws that he allegedly broke due to his fire bug tendencies.

      1. Hi mb…ive wondered the same if HG had broken some laws where fire is concerned.
        Twice now hes referred to people burning and this makes three. Once as a joke when i brought up liking to read jane austen, the coworker he outdid who also is suspected to be a narc. He imagined her burning in a painful death and this meme where the sick person is set on fire. There may be more ive not mentioned.
        I dont think HG would do this but maybe its a way to ease the intense fury by imagining them suffering horribly. The source of that anger being incinerated.

        HG still waiting impatiently to read about your fire fascination and anything pertaining to it…

      2. Altho thats not a person directly. Its still an object thats sparked fury and it must be incinerated. Reducing it to ashes distinguishes the hatred and anger.

      3. Hi, MB…I replied back, but the system (apparently) ate my comment – twice. Thank you much for your reply. 🙂

        So…HG is interested in FIRE? How sweet…

        I’ll now picture him lighting jar candles every night. Will this evening be “Creamy Vanilla Swirl” – or “Lemon Cake Batter”??

          1. No worries, HG… your secret is safe with me.

            Let’s synchronize our watches for the next lighting:

            *2 a.m. (your time) – Goose Creek’s “Apple Bourbon”

      4. He burned all the gymnast’s stuff. Depending on where he lives, the fire could’ve been illegal. (I can’t burn at my house). However, I’m sure the charges are much more serious. “Allegedly” HG is innocent of course.

    4. Caroline,
      Fire for two reasons ( as I see it)
      1. The fury caused by taking the attention from the narcissist ( they always have to be the center of attention) and giving it to someone else is so strong /powerful that it is compared to the ignition of fire. It is not just anger , it is far more visceral.
      That was kind of easy.
      2. Precisely because the relative is taking the attention from the narcissist: the narcissist wishes that the relative dies ,not just a peaceful death but rather that the relative burns (cruelly )to death.
      They have these murderous and cruel(secret/dark) thoughts even when they are “smiling” at you and telling you that it is ok for you to go and take care of your relative. These “dark” thoughts are part of the cold fury.
      I hope this helps.

      1. Oh, got it, SX. I’ve read “Fury”… so I guess it should have been obvious then. Sometimes I complicate things. It’s part of my…uh…charm? Yes, let’s go with that, instead of my having a dippy moment.;-)

        Thank you, Ma’am! 🙂

  4. Funny I would have thought the opposite right. Last time my father was sick and I was taking care of him , he kept telling me how good of a daugher I was. I guess he was just happy I was away and he could entertain himself. I guess I am IPSS so that is ok to take care of others then… 🙂

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