Darlings and Demons


The narcissist moves amongst people and is often regarded as a wonderful person, a delight to be around and a positive darling. Few realise, at least, not until it is too late that he or she is the proverbial wolf in sheep’s clothing as those dead, coal-black eyes focus on their prey and they move in to ensnare their unwitting victim. The narcissist remains the perfect darling for some time until one day the demon is exposed and with it all the demonic and hateful forces that accompany the dark-hearted one. Here the narcissist provides you with further insight into what is going on in his or twisted mind. The key to achieving freedom from the narcissist is to understand him or her. To do this one must delve into his or her mind and see the world as the narcissist does,only then does the illogical suddenly become logical, the strange becomes familiar and the odd finally makes sense. Use this resource of observations and insights from the narcissist himself in order to understand and gain freedom, including a revelatory insight into how the narcissist knows what he or she is doing and why he wants to harness this understanding.

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5 thoughts on “Darlings and Demons

  1. Tammy says:

    It’s true, I hate going through Facebook to access the blog, thanks, PV! Going to take your advice, and see if I can sign up and then try getting back on the site.. just irritating!

  2. Blank says:

    Here is an example of a well-known narcissist in my country. He gives speeches about positivity (he’s a buddhist). He has one wife after the other and children with all of them (7 total). Right now he doesn’t have a wife, because he doesn’t want ‘the whimper and wining of those bitches anymore’, so he says, but he wants to have more children. So he asked for surrogate mothers. 20 responded (his words), 2 stayed after he had a chat with all their husbands. He wants to have sex with the women, and when she is pregnant he will go to pregnancy yoga etc. with her, but he will raise them himself.

    He is such a dangerous creep, you wouldn’t believe it. His second last ex made audio tapes, which you can hear here:


    You see this woman in the video and what you hear is the narc, the woman and two of their children.

    He starts saying: Is there a decision about Christmas already?
    She: we were not going to
    He: Can I ask that or not? Can I ask how that is?
    You do everything without my knowledge, so I can ask, can I not? Or can I not?
    You hear the woman repeatedly say ‘au’ (he’s kicking her)
    He: don’t be such a baby! (to his son): give daddy a kiss, right, a kiss!
    The boy: you musn’t hurt her
    He: i do’nt hurt her, mummy is just being a wuss, like always. Always dramatizing.
    She: you better go
    He: What are you saying?
    She: you better go
    He: What are you saying?
    She: AU!
    Tne boy: Daddy don’t kick!
    He: (to the woman) You’re gonna die
    She: What are you saying?
    He: Nothing
    She: AU!
    The boy yelling: Don’t kick!! (audio stops)

    You see the woman in the video telling how awful this is, because of her children…

    Then you hear him say to his little son:
    “Do you know how you were conceived? It was premeditated, so mummy would get money. Yeah, that’s your mummy. Now she has a new little fucker. Fucking outside (of the relationship). How nice for mummy isn’t it? She’s a little whore.
    Come on boys get dressed! (you hear the child saying: no, no, no…)

    Listening to this makes you sick and anxious, because you realize this is what so many women and children have to endure, inside of their homes, while when the man is elsewhere he is all smiles, jokes and positivity.
    And even when all this information is available, there are still women who want to have a child with him. How on earth is that possible?

    Today I read the creep is going to court to fight ‘discrimination of age’. He is 69 but he wants to be 49. He says his biological age is 49. He is a young god. So he wants to have his date of birth changed in his passport. The man is a total lunatic, a scary disgusting dangerous narc, who should be put in jail.

  3. Kel says:

    To understand a narcissist, you have to stop thinking like an empath. We see what they do as bad, but they don’t. They’re not doing it to be bad, they’re doing it to get what they want.

    If their emotions are stunted at a two year old level, then go hang out with a toddler, and you’ll see that yes indeed, their world revolves around them, they’re pretty stubborn when they want something, they don’t feel bad squirming and crying to get out of someone’s arms or worry if they’ve hurt anyone’s feelings, they only know about their own feelings. Babies aren’t being bad. This is where narcissists emotional level is at.

    In addition they were abused, and they still carry the scars inside them. That’s why they can’t handle criticism, it reminds them of what’s inside that they’re trying to keep hidden. They’ve spent their lives showing ‘them’ that they’re the best.

    They’re adults, so they cause serious damage now. They probably feel clever when they fool people, they’re amused at how they pulled it off, they only have the capacity to feel those emotions of a toddler, the world revolves around them, entitlement, all that matters is getting what they want and once it’s in their minds, they must have it, and they manipulate like a kid to get it.

    They only know that they’re good at getting what they want, of being the center of everyone’s attention, of rising to the top. They’re not trying to be bad, and they aren’t in their eyes, they’re just getting things done. They don’t want to be us because we’re not winners like them. And even if we’re doing really well, then they want to be better than us, like they want that toy the other kid has.

    They know they’re not the same as everyone else (they don’t have the same emotions) but they don’t know that’s a problem. They know that we get hurt, but it’s our fault because they can’t understand things from our viewpoint and they can’t allow themselves to be criticized because it’ll enliven the abuse they’re suppressing inside.

    When we’re with a narcissist, we have to guard ourselves, we have to understand their emotional level, and we have to know how they think. There’s no way to win with them, so to keep from getting hurt, we can’t be emotional around them, which is great too because then we won’t be fueling them either.

    Maybe the only way to get rid of narcissism is to nip it in the bud, find a way to stop child abuse. Every new parent needs a class on how to raise kids. It’s amazing how you go home with a tiny baby, not knowing anything about them, and you Kind of just learn as you go.

    1. K says:

      Correct, we have to stop thinking like empaths to truly understand how the narcissist views his/her reality.

      I liked your coda. We really need to address child abuse and nip it in the bud. Parents take their children home from the hospital and destroy these tiny, fragile souls with such brutality that it is no wonder narcissists are created.

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