Horns and Halos



Further revelations on a wide range of highly relevant topics allowing you to understand the narcissistic psychopath and how to deal with him or her. Includes the revealing chapters “Ten” and “Twelve” detailing formative episodes in the creation of a narcissistic psychopath.

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13 thoughts on “Horns and Halos

  1. Rha says:

    I’m so very disappointed you censored my and Tigerchelles last comments.. I thought at least you were a narcissist with balls and hoped you would be able to appreciate the humor of getting reflected a bit of Revenge training according to your aponymous book (which you could also consider as a compliment)… so me saying thank you for the free narc training wasn’t sarcastic (for a change).

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Your comment was superfluous and merely sought to agitate and therefore was unnecessary, hence it did not appear. You may claim it was not sarcasm but it did not read that way.
      As for Tigerchelle – similar principles applied to its content and anybody reading her comments can see very clearly what has happened, indeed several readers have commented as such both on the blog and in emails to me.
      That is the end of the matter, I am not dedicating time to unproductive agitators. Nobody is blocked from this blog and comments are moderated fairly and with reference to the rules and standards required. Fortunately the vats majority of readers are constructive and wish to understand – they get fed up of certain individuals being attention-seekers and unnecessarily argumentative. Debate is encouraged but it must be constructive and unfortunately a minority of individuals cannot achieve that nor can they recognise their failings in that regard and thus ultimately a line has to be drawn under their repeated behaviours. I daresay you can understand that.

      1. Rha says:

        I think this has been quite healing for me. I’m sad you’re not grandiose at all – I had this image of you trying to be a Good Psychopath and very much respected this. Goodbye HG.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Be seeing you! Mind how you go!

  2. Rha says:

    Will this book help identify if a narcissist is a psychopath and what the difference is between the various kinds of narcs being psychopaths and not? And is it written from your own point of view or scientifically based?

    1. HG Tudor says:


      1. Rha says:

        Wow, thanks for taking your time to leave this comprehensive reply 😬

        1. HG Tudor says:

          You ask a closed question – you got the answer.

          1. Rha says:

            I asked you 3 questions but maybe that’s too complex for you to deal with. Low fuel levels probably…

          2. HG Tudor says:

            Not at all. You’re lack of courtesy however is noted even when I answered two of your questions. Please do identify where it states you are entitled to have all questions answered?

          3. Rha says:

            Yes I see your fuel is rising: this time you spent up to 33 words instead of 1, not by courtesy of showing any effort to answer my questions ofcourse which makes me wonder about the real reason you’re dodging the whole thing – my guess: this book’s just a whole lot of selfserving blah.
            Oh and entitlement is your thing, not mine… I simply tried to help you count as was obviously needed.

          4. HG Tudor says:

            1. You asked two questions. They were closed questions and you got the answers.
            2. I did not answer the third. You do realise I have answered hundreds of thousands of questions here don’t you?
            3. You have no right to have your questions answered in the comment section.
            4. Your response to having one question not answered was sarcasm and thereafter you continue to respond in an impolite fashion and yes, exhibiting a degree of entitlement (which you then fail to recognise). Your behaviour is unfortunate.

  3. From the “Narcissistic Psychopath” now….. Guess it was the time!

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