Are you or somebody you know chained to the narcissist? Are you a co-dependent? What does this mean? How did you become this way? How does the narcissist know what you are? How does the narcissist exploit this condition and how might you escape him? These questions and more are posed and answered in this fascinating book. Delivered direct from the dark-hearted master, the narcissist provides his unique observations on those who are co-dependent and find themselves chained to the narcissist.

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5 thoughts on “Chained

  1. Soon to be sparkling! says:

    I loved, loved, loved this book!

    1. HG Tudor says:

      I am pleased you enjoyed it.

      1. Soon to be sparkling! says:

        Thank you! I certainly did!

  2. AK says:

    You use the word Master.
    Is there a connection between high level narc and BDSM?

  3. Whitney says:

    HG thank you for opening my mind to a world I didn’t know existed. This book changed my understanding of people.

    Since I’m addicted to narcissists could I just focus on the UMR Elite. He’s always nice to me. The MMR sometimes makes snide comments (jealousy). The UMR is only supportive and encouraging. Always on hand for my emotional issues.

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