Cross Pollution



Cross Pollution is a continuing danger to your No Contact Regime.

Are you struggling to escape continuing feelings of misery, anger, dismay and sadness?

Are you finding that out of nowhere you are wanting to find out what the narcissist is doing?

Are you wanting to date again?

Does your No Contact Regime not seem to be working?

Are you wanting to communicate with the narcissist in some way?

Are you finding you cannot shake thoughts and feelings about the narcissist?

If any of the above resonate with you, then Cross Pollution may well be a factor.

This Logic Bulletin explains what Cross Pollution is, what it does, how it affects you, how to recognise it and what you can do about it.

Add this to your logic defences for the low price of just US $ 9.99 and received a detailed audio file explaining it all for you.

2 thoughts on “Cross Pollution

  1. Claudia Rusu says:

    Look, I do understand that it is a mental disorder, I am aware of that but to be honest I think the doctors are not very good for what you have. The fact that you realise and you can control yourself it is because your level of intelligence is high but the treatment or the therapy that you are taking is really not working. What you describe in here is pure evil and it does not excuse the behaviour of any NPD person. It is like a drunk man kills his wife and he is absolved because he was drunk…

    1. HG Tudor says:

      I think your comment has been placed on the wrong item as what is described in this material is nothing to do with what you have written about. Perhaps you are drunk?!

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