The Weighty Eighty

“HG, tell me, is Kylie Minogue a narcissist?” “HG what is the assessment of Joe Biden?” “HG, can you tell me if Tom Hanks is a narc?” The hunger for knowledge about the famous continues and accordingly HG Tudor has produced more assessments of the famous. Now, it is the Weighty Eighty – a collection […]

Cross Pollution

  Cross Pollution is a continuing danger to your No Contact Regime. Are you struggling to escape continuing feelings of misery, anger, dismay and sadness? Are you finding that out of nowhere you are wanting to find out what the narcissist is doing? Are you wanting to date again? Does your No Contact Regime not […]

The 3 Key Interactions With the Narcissist

  You only ever have three key interactions with the narcissist. You need to know what those interactions are and what is behind those interactions. This Logic Bulletin details for you what the 3 Key Interactions are with the narcissist. You will learn what they are, what they look like, be provided with examples to aid your understanding, what […]