Envious of Your Contentment



3 thoughts on “Envious of Your Contentment

  1. Asp Emp says:

    Oh, this one reminds me of being “devalued” in front of other people. I’m sat outside on tea break with other colleagues.

    It was a few days before I was going away with a few of my friends and I said that I was looking forward to it. He (narc & I’d ended it with him anyway so it was none of his business!) made a nasty comment about my going away was for “looking for men”. I noticed the others looking at him as if they’re horrified.

    I replied calmy & matter of factly that I wouldn’t have time cos I’m going with my friends and that I will have a good time. With that he got up & left – probably realising that he wasn’t going to gain any ‘fuel’.

    What he did in the days following that – another blog discussion.

    Another time, he didn’t want me to go out on my birthday. He tried spoiling it by causing an argument. I went out anyway. I ignored him throughout the evening. Chatted with the others. Got talking to a stranger, who turned out to be a great laugh. We exchanged numbers (we remain friends to this day). During the early hours Narc sent me a load of really nasty messages. I didn’t reply until next day “well if that’s how you feel about it, goodbye”. Followed by numerous hooverings from him.

    I’m definitely free of him. No ET at all for a few years. Unfortunately still with the recent one! HG’s work & comments from others are helping. Just more time needed. Thanks everyone ☺

  2. Veronique Trimble says:

    This explains why my narc gave me such a hard time during discard I could see the games and after months of it and a broken heart I smiled straight at him then ignored him and payed attention to every other man in the room my narcissistic side came up I wanted to give him a taste of his own medicine ,he became the devil after that. I didn’t need him and he tried to prove to me that I did but all he managed to do was get me to show my bad side I didn’t know if I loved him or hated him I guess I got a taste of what he goes through and it’s not great I felt bad for ages that I had let myself get sucked into it I don’t know something just snapped inside me HG I know most people don’t do this for themselves because they fear never loving again and narcissists are addictive I don’t fear being single I am a narcissist magnet being in a relationship is scarier thinking of getting a couple more dogs and calling it a day lol

  3. lickemtomorrow says:

    Very insightful once again.

    Does this also align with the dropping of the narc bomb?

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