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You now have access to material to defend your child or children against the narcissist.

Using years of experience and insight combined with applied and effective advice given to those in consultation, HG Tudor has created the Child Defender Assistance Package. This unrivalled material is filled with information, insight, advice, analysis and practical steps to aid you in defending your child when you have been ensnared by the narcissist.

Whether you remain in the ensnarement, whether you have escaped or been disengaged from, whether there is an ongoing court battle, child arrangements or you want to know what to do if the narcissist returns, this is the most comprehensive assistance you can obtain.

Worth many times its cost, it will save you thousands in fees, hours of wasted time and energy and most importantly of all, it will give you the key to defend your child.

Delivered in SIX extensive audio files, each file covers the following:-

1. Introduction and Aims

2. What is the role of the child in the narcissistic dynamic?

3. How to protect your child from the narcissist (direct consequences and collateral consequences)

4. Do I tell my child that their parent is a narcissist?

5. How do I get the narcissist to leave my child and me alone.

6. Will my child become a narcissist too and what can I do to stop that?

The most effective tool available to defend your child from the narcissist, from the one who knows narcissists and their victims inside out.


Aid others who wish to defend their children

5 thoughts on “Child Defender

  1. WhoCares says:


    Fuel IS the rule.
    My ex just trashed me to our son during supervised visitation. My son was so upset that he was tearing up – he defended me and said he told his father that he was liar and that he was saying rude things about his mom.

    1. lickemtomorrow says:

      🙁 Sorry to hear your son had that experience, WhoCares. It’s so awful when children are put in that position and triangulated for the purposes of the narcissistic parent. The narc parent isn’t concerned with the impact on the child, as you say “fuel IS the rule”. It doesn’t matter from whence it comes, how they get it, who it hurts. I hope your son is OK and I’m sure these are all things to take note of for future reference with regard to the arrangements you have in place. At least the visit was supervised, and I hope whoever was supervising also intervened. Thoughts for you and your little one again today xox

      1. WhoCares says:

        Thanks LET
        Yes, it was upsetting to my son and I am sorry he was made upset and that he felt the need to defend me (but that is likely why his father said what he did – to provoke fuel and to make certain it got back to me.) However, he is beginning to see how his father is, even under supervised conditions.
        For an LMRN, his dad had been able to keep a good image with playing, presents and promises etc…
        There is one good thing that comes of this; it’s the BEST example yet, on record of his father disparaging me in front of his son.
        He has been provoking our son emotionally and otherwise, in a way that flies under the radar even with supervision and then saying that I am causing our son to react negatively to him – but of course he doesn’t see that it is his own behaviours causing it and he then blameshifts and projects.
        However, this incident comes at a time when his father is already in non-compliance of two court orders and when there is an evaluator in our family situation. So, he is going to be hard pressed to gain normalized access, which is what he has been seeking.
        I am aware that there are a number of reasons that his father may have been wounded during this visit – just goes to show the need for fuel usurps the facade, when wounding requires being addressed, as his mask definitely dropped today. It was bad for my son, but good in a way because the professionals are watching and it will be third party evidence – not just my word against his.

        1. lickemtomorrow says:

          That is good news, WhoCares, in the sense it is being recorded and can be provided as evidence. The silver lining which we wish we never needed to see, but if it works in yours and your son’s favour then that is what will matter in the long run. And if your son is seeing elements of his father’s behaviour that cause him to understand his dad has issues which are not your fault or his, that’s also a bonus and an opportunity to help find ways of dealing with it. You have a very bright son and he is very fortunate to have you as his mother xox

          1. WhoCares says:

            Thank-you LET,

            I am doing my best to protect him. But much thanks goes to HG, since because as consequence of my knowledge here, I do my very best NC (outside of my legal obligations). As a result, my ex feels very ignored and wounded – it isn’t surprising that he lashed out via my son.

            My son definitely has a passionate sense of justice (he told me exactly what he thought his father deserved as a result of the things his dad said about me). And I am bit concerned about that because it appears to be a very strong empathic trait in him and he jumps to the defense of others if he feels they need it, including friends at school (gee, I wonder where he picked up that trait…haha!) – but he also has a strong defiant streak in him (stronger than me, I believe) which causes him to voice exactly what’s on his mind to people sometimes…so I am little apprehensive to review those supervision notes in the New Year.

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