The First No Contact


The first no contact the empath did try,

Was to certain dire narcs to counter their lies,

The hoovers they used to lure them back in,

But the empath was not fooled by that oh so false grin,

No C, No C, No C, No C,

No contact ends the misery.

The empath stayed focussed and then blocked the β€˜phone,

And kept the narc from their email, their messages and home,

They studied hard and they all read HG,

So they understood that his works would give liberty,

No C, No C, No C, No c,

No contact will set you free.

And so the defences were built, both firm and high,

The empath knew not to laugh, smile, shout or cry,

Thus starved of the fuel and feeling beat,

The wounded narc withdrew and beat a retreat,

No C, No C, No C, No C

No contact will secure your destinythe

9 thoughts on “The First No Contact

  1. Siren says:

    I’m totally fascinated by your writtings, found your article on narcissists view of co-parenting first and have been up all night like a teenager reading everything I can. you 100% validated how I was feeling he thought! he always said I was one of a kind lol… Nothing else on Google or Reddit was what I was looking for been digging for a couple months now. Everyone around my town feels bad for him of course, I’m the evil one who’s holding a child back from a “loving father” but they don’t see what I do, well except the small screen cap I flipped on fb. although he hoovered me back when I was pregnant by threatening to destroy her to get me. now I have the drive, I won’t stop till he’s on his knees begging me to leave him alone. I told him I’d have to leave if it was harder to protect her from him in the same house than the risk I’d take in court. he should have seen it coming but apparently he thought I was immobilized by fear, that his skills were greater than mine. protection of my offspring is probably the only thing that will make me act. It’s game time for him, sadly I’ve always been the better at chess. check mate… thinking he’s just a mid, I’ll be ordering some goodies from you soon, I can’t get enough! Thank you πŸ™‚

    1. HG Tudor says:

      You are most welcome Siren, keep reading here, this is where you find all the answers.

  2. Kiki says:

    HG whilst you were away on hols I came across this on Narcs and trauma bonding .
    Even though the relationship with the Narc maybe not much of a relationship we are conditioned through pain to see it as much more .
    After an extended silent treatment etc which creates pain and anxiety for the Empath , when the Narc returns it is the sense of relief from the pain is what keeps us addicted , not the Narc themselves.
    This really resonated with me .
    Is this true


    1. HG Tudor says:

      It is your addiction which keeps you in place. Your addiction creates ET. The ET manifests through Flawed Logic “I am pleased an abuser has returned” (that is not logical) and through the creation of feelings by charging up the battery of feeling (you feel relieved) so you stay and thus continue to feed your addiction.

  3. Duchessbea says:

    To the hardest working and decent narcissist I know, Thank you for your invaluable advice and time. HG, hope you had a wonderful Christmas and Wishing you a very Happy a Peaceful New Year 2021. Have a brilliant time. πŸŽ…πŸ€Άβ›„β˜ƒοΈπŸŽπŸŽ„πŸ’—β˜˜οΈ

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you and you are welcome.

  4. Edelweiss says:

    I love your work and helped me a lot to understand him and his behaviour. Honestly I did not block him because I am sure he will not try to hoover me. We had only an online long distance relationship that bored him quite fast( it was so obvious 🀣) . And he was kind enough to give me closure too. I guess I was his third category of source. 🀣The only thing he could have gotten from me was a future Swedish citizenship, which after reading so much I am sure it was his future faking. I don’t believe he would have left America for a life in the cold north. 🀣 But I definitely learned my lesson. And I found your website to learn how to stay away from people like him 🌞

    1. HG Tudor says:

      I am pleased that my work has proven so useful to you.

  5. Asp Emp says:

    I really liked this one, HG.

    “They studied hard and they all read HG, So they understood that his works would give liberty” – to have the freedom to explore, mind-blowing stuff.

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