10 Famous Empaths : Part 2

24 thoughts on “10 Famous Empaths : Part 2

  1. Another Cat says:

    Another list…

    I can’t stop myself. From Narcsite learning through the years, I presume these fellows (with strong narcissistic traits) are Not narcissists either:

    Bruce Springsteen – supportive of friends and family, seems genuine, strong narcissistic traits though.

    Charles Darwin – deep understanding and also a lot of grief after a little daughter he lost to a disease. The Truthseeker of truthseekers.

    Humphrey Bogart – supportive of friends, sociable person, if I’m reading his story correctly.

  2. lickemtomorrow says:

    These are all some of my favourites and I’ve always admired Cate Blanchett and her versatility when it comes to acting. One of my favourite films of hers was “The Gift”. I also loved “Blue Jasmine” and “Veronica Guerin” was hugely impactful as well. Superb actress. I’m so glad she is an empath.

    Jim Caviezel was superb in his role in “The Passion of the Christ”, not to mention Mel Gibson’s incredible production. Every single actor was perfect for the roles they played in that film. Delighted he has been added to the ranks of the empaths. Interesting to hear how his faith influences his actor career also.

    And Keanu … loved, loved, loved him in “Devil’s Advocate” (what a great movie with Al Pacino), and he plays the bad guy rather well, too, as seen in “The Gift” alongside Cate Blanchett, and opposite another fave – James Spader – in “The Watcher”. I guess he has to call on his narc traits to help play those roles.

    Makes you wonder how impactful the acting is on those who are empaths and will naturally apply their emotional empathy to their roles which I imagine could be quite draining. They might also have some fun letting their narcy traits come to the fore! I never contemplated acting from that angle before.

    1. A Victor says:

      Hi LET, you may have already heard it but the fourth on the series addresses your lady paragraph very well, on how at least one empath handles the potential draining. Very interesting.

      1. lickemtomorrow says:

        AV, thanks for the heads up 🙂 I will check it out. Must have picked up the vibes when I made my comment because I honestly had not thought of it before!

        1. A Victor says:

          Last*. Not lady. Ugh.

          Yes, it sounds like you did!

          1. lickemtomorrow says:

            I’ll join you in that “ugh”, AV … “how his faith influences his *acting* career also”.

            Why does it read right to me before I post it?! Probably because I am reading with my mind’s eye … hopefully the reader does the same, which I did with your post 🙂 I knew what you meant <3

          2. A Victor says:

            I am convinced that autocorrect strikes after I press send on many an occasion, haha, so annoying!

    2. BC30 says:

      Fun fact! Alice Cooper babysat Keanu Reeves* and Devil’s Advocate is how I imagine narcissists, the hidden monsters.

      *Sorry, if I’ve already mentioned, but I feel compelled to spread this now that I know what I know about empaths.

      1. Asp Emp says:

        BC30, I did enjoy that film ‘Devil’s Advocate’ – very good. Wow about Keanu’s babysitter though, hmm, interesting.

      2. lickemtomorrow says:

        Al Pacino in “Devil’s Advocate” is the ultimate narcissist. He is also a ‘shapeshifter’ and a slippery snake! Keanu is a duped empath in the service of the narcissist (and whose own narcissistic traits are being groomed by him), while his empathic wife is being triangulated in numerous ways with his work, other women, Milton himself, and so on.

        The stand out line from this movie for me will always be:

        “HE DID THIS TO ME!”

        as Mary Ann sits in the Church and reveals to her husband what Milton has done to her. Still she is not believed, but thought to be mad. We all know too well that this narcissistic example taken to the extreme is exactly what the narcissist is capable of and has often put us through before we got here.

        1. BC30 says:

          LET I’m going to have to rewatch it. So many layers to it; now that we’re aware, we see it. Odd that Al and Keanu, in essence, play themselves.

          1. lickemtomorrow says:

            I guess they do play themselves, BC30, and a rewatch is definitely worthwhile. I think Al Pacino is a class actor and he does a great job of being the biggest, baddest, narcissist in this film. I might aim to rewatch myself!

          2. BC30 says:

            Absolutely! A raging narcissist. Do you recall the film, The Usual Suspects? Kaiser Soze is a fantastic character. It looks like I know what I’ll be watching over the weekend.

          3. lickemtomorrow says:

            I do recall “The Usual Suspects” and the twist at the end had everyone stunned! Kaiser Soze is a fantastic character and now I have to wonder who is writing the scripts or creating the characters for these novels … HG have you put any famous writers under the Tudorscope yet? There may be some on your lists I have purchased and now I’m wondering about Stephen King. Hmmm, now I know what I’ll be doing with some of my free time this week 🙂 Enjoy your movies, BC30! You watch them with a whole different perspective after gaining knowledge about narcs.

        2. MommyPino says:

          LET, Al Pacino is so amazing at portraying narcissists. I enjoyed his acting very much in Scent of a Woman. Chris O’Donnell exuded the perfect innocence needed for that role too. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s an empath in real life even though I know nothing about him.

          1. lickemtomorrow says:

            I only saw “Scent of a Woman” once and can’t remember much about it, MP, but I’m sure you’re right about Chris O’Donnell. I’m a fan of a few of Al Pacino’s movies, though I can’t say I’ve seen them all. “Heat” is a favourite of mine from way back, as well as “Carlito’s Way”, and also “Insomnia” which I found incredibly disturbing. But, yes, he is great in all the roles he plays! He’s got some narcissistic flair going on for sure.

          2. A Victor says:

            Scarface is my favorite Pacino movie. It came out when I was at an impressionable age and I was impressed by not only Pacino but also Michelle Pfeifer, her character was so tragic.

          3. BC30 says:

            I do not think I have seen this movie.

          4. A Victor says:

            MommyPino, I enjoyed Scent of a Woman also. I have enjoyed all of Al Pacino’s movies but that one was a bit unique. And Chris O’Donnell did a fantastic job plus he’s a cutie.

          5. MP says:

            A Víctor, Chris O’Donnel’s character in that movie is the typical guy I was always attracted to when I was still single. I was also always crushing on Mid Rangers but I get turned off as soon as I see inconsistencies.

            I looked up Chris O’Donnel and he is now a family man and still practicing Catholic. He has five kids and he has been married since 1997. He stars in NCIS LA. 😊

          6. A Victor says:

            Yes MP, Chris O’Donnel’s character is one that I would be attracted to also, the character does remind me of my ex in some ways also, my ex being a Mid Ranger.

            I looked him up too, I hope he has a good life, it looks like he does. I’m actually putting him on my next Show Me the Empath list, but I suspect he’s a normal. I haven’t seen NCIS LA, maybe I will check it out at some point. I don’t watch much tv but the shows I do like, I binge-watch occasionally. Thanks for the tip regarding this show.

          7. MP says:

            AV, I agree. I looked at his IG a little bit and his pictures make me think he’s a normal.

  3. Bubbles🍾 says:

    Dear Mr Tudor,
    Keeanu Reeves 😍 …. Yaaaas! I knew it! I’ve always adored him, he’s such a darling and you just confirmed it, thankyou 😍
    Jim Caviezal, I very much enjoyed him in Bobby Jones, a quiet persona of a man, not surprising to hear he’s an empath
    Kate Blanchett, I’m glad …..because she’s an Aussie oi oi oi 😂
    Thank you 😊
    Luv Bubbles xx 😘

  4. Horseyak says:

    I’ll tell you another empath, unfortunately now deceased: Lynn Redgrave. I worked with her on a television show early on in my career and found her to be not only brilliantly talented, but down-to-earth, wonderful and enormously caring. Thought I’d give you a Brit, HG.

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