The Doormat

  The doormat. There it lies with a pleasant greeting of “welcome home” emblazoned upon it and all it gets is routinely overlooked and trampled on, but it never flinches, it never backs away from performing its function. Many of our victims find themselves regarded as doormats by our kind. Not only is this evidenced […]

20 Famous Empath (inc. Famous Narc and Empath Couples)

    20 Famous Empaths with details of their schools and cadres. Why should the dark side have all the famous people? HG Tudor details for you following examination of each individual those who attain the status of being both famous and an empath. The school and cadre are also included, so you can find […]

The Savior Empath

  There are four schools of empath (Co-Dependent, Standard, Super and Contagion). There are many cadres of empath which layer on to those schools. These cadres include the Carrier, the Magnet and the Geyser, about which I have written previously. A further cadre is that of the Saviour/Savior Empath. The Saviour Empath’s mission is to […]